Pariyatti Warder Lesson 13

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fool (noun M)
on this side (Instrumental) (indeclinable)
you couse to be (causative) (verb)
I couse to be (causative) (verb)
they couse to be (causative) (verb)
you couse to be (pl) (causative) (verb)
we couse to be (causative) (verb)
he causes to be got ready, he has put in order, he has organized (causative) (verb)
he causes to work, he causes to make (causative) (verb)
he causes to make, he has built (causative) (verb)
chedāpetihe causes to cut (causative) (verb)janetihe causes to be born, he produces (causative) (verb)jhāpetihe causes to burn, he sets fire to (causative) (verb)ṭhapetihe erects, he makes stand up, he causes to remain, he excepts (causative) (verb)ṭhāpayatihe causes to stands, he erects, he makes stand up, he causes to remain, he excepts (causative) (verb)nipātetihe causes to fall down, he drops, he puts down, (causative) (verb)pāyetihe causes to drink (causative) (verb)bhāvetihe causes to be, he develops (verb)āmantāpetihe causes to be addreses, he has invited (causative) (verb)muñcāpetihe causes to be free, he sets free (causative) (verb)paṭiyādāpetihe causes to be prepared (causative) (verb)yāpetihe causes to go, he keeps going (causative) (verb)yojāpetihe causes to be yoked (carrriage) (causative) (verb)ārocāpetihe causes to be announced (causative) (verb)ropetihe causes to grow, he plants (causative) (verb)ropāpetihe causes to cause to grow, he has planted (causative) (verb)āropetihe causes to mount, he puts on top of, he shows, he show up, he disproves (causative) (verb)pavattetihe causes to go, he sets going (causative) (verb)nibbāpetihe causes to be extinct, he extinguishes (causative) (verb)pavedetihe makes (causative) (verb)pavesetihe causes to entet, he brings in (causative) (verb)pabbājetihe causes to forth, he banishes (causative) (verb)nisīdāpetihe causes to sit down (causative) (verb)sāvetihe causes to hear (causative) (verb)parisodhetihe causes to become pure / clean (causative) (verb)ākoṭetihe strikes (verb)gavesatihe looks for, he searches for (verb)pekkhattihe looks on, he watches (verb)bhajatihe resorts to (verb)kammārosmith (noun M)khandhogroup, collection, mass (noun M)paccatthikoenemy (noun M)pabbatomountain (noun M)pāsādopalace (noun M)puñjoheap (noun M)bhedodivision, splitting up (noun M)mantoprayer, hymn (noun M)migobeast, deer (noun M)samudayoorigin, origination (noun M)sīholion (noun M)araññaṃforest (noun M)indriyaṃfaculty (noun M)khādaniyaṃfoods, dishes (noun M)palālaṃstraw (noun M)bhattaṃmeal (noun M)mūlaṃroot, base, capital (money) (noun M)sammamy dear! (noun M)anuttaraunsurprassed, supreme (adjective)abbhokāsaopen, free, out of doors, open air (adjective)ariyaexcellent, exalted, noble (adjective)uttānastreched out, lying down (adjective)gambhīraprofound (adjective)navanew (adjective)niṭṭhitacompleted,ready (adjective)paṇitaexcellent, delightful, delicious (adjective)puratthimaeast (adjective)vivittaseparated, isolated (past participle) (verb)ayonisounmethodically, haphazardly, erratically, inconsequentially, unscientifically (indeclinable)uddhaṃabove, up (indeclinable)kacciperhaps?, did?, I dought whether?, I hope?, aren't you? (with na) (indeclinable)kathaṃhow?, why? (indeclinable)tikkhattuṃthrice (indeclinable)dāninow (indeclinable)yāvaas far as, up to, as much, to what extent (indeclinable)