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Med math and pharmacology


Study of doses


the amount of drug given to an animal to give a certain effect


is the amount of drug per unit body weight (kilograms or pound) and is usually mg/kg or mg/lb

Types of doses

1. Therapeutic (effective) dose
2. Toxic dose
3. Lethal dose

Minimal Therapeutic

is the smallest amount that has a therapeutic effect

Maximal therapeutic dose

is the largest amount that can be tolerated without producing toxic effects

Therapeutic dose

is the optimal dose, which lies some place between the minimal and maximal therapeutic doses

effective dose fifty

is the effective dose in 50% of the animals

Toxic dose

the amount that produces undesirable clinical, hematological, biochemical or pathological alterations

Lethal dose

the dose that causes death

lethal dose fifty

the dose that causes death in 50% of the animals

Therapeutic index
therapeutic ratio

is the ratio between the LD50 and ED50
the larger the therapeutic index the wider the margin of safety of the drug

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