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Bad Listening

It can cause twisted receiving


Involves bingeing and purging

Panic attack

A feeling of terror that comes without warning


Important to accepting others


A type of communication that includes deep trust


A person relaying a message

Meaningful goals

Important to feelings of self-worth

Common interests

An important element of friendships


Sight of something that does not exist


Killing oneself


Treatment for mental or emotional disorders

Thought disorder

Its symptoms are twisted or false beliefs


Disorder in which behavior changes from one extreme to another


It may cause poor communication

Romantic movies

May make you believe other people can make you happy

Affective Disorder

A mental disorder characterized by disturbed or uncontrolled emotions

Clinical Depression

Long- lasting, intense sadness

Good Self-esteem

Feeling happy with yourself


Includes writing or talking

Emotional attachment

A characteristic of a healthy, close relationship


It may include touching or knowing when to be silent


The most common relationship


A false belief


Something very personal or private

Eating disorder

A focus on physical appearance can lead to this problem

Anxiety Disorder

A disorder that makes normal life difficult

Compulsive Overeating

Often leads to obesity, heart disease, and diabetes


Includes severe weight loss

Substance abuse disorder

An unhealthy dependence on alcohol or other drugs


To help someone or something grow and develop

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