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What design is best thought of as being like a torch. The radioactive source is placed inside a shielded box, a hinge allows part of the shielding to be opened exposing the source, allowing photons to exit the radiography camera.
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Naturally-occurring radioisotopes includeCarbon-14 (half-life: 5730 yr):Used to measure the age of wood, other carbon-containing materials (up to 20,000 years), and subterranean water (up to 50,000 years).What device is similar to a cyclotron that acts as a very intense photon source.BetatronBefore commencing an industrial radiographic examination, it is always advisable to examine the component with one's own eyes, to eliminate any possible external defectsTrueWhat type of inspection uses a S-shaped hole through a metal block? The source is stored at point A and is driven out on a cable through a hole to point B. It often goes a long way along a guide tube to where it is needed.Cable based designRadiography started in1895 with the discovery of X-raysThese are used in industrial radiography because they do not need a supply of electricity to function, but it also means that they can't be turned off.Radionuclides