Neuro EXAM 4 (Neural Bases of Attention)

the _____ _____ guide shifts in attention

-important in reflexive attention
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in the *RIGHT temporoparietal network* the _____ _____ streets attention toward *novel* or *unexpected* stimulitemporoparietal junction (TPJ)the _____ likes surprises, similar to the mesolimbic dopamine systemtemporoparietal junction (*TPJ*)when attention is captured by the *sudden* appearance of stimuli (*exogenous attention*), activity is evident in the _____ hemisphere systemrightthe *temporoparietal junction (TPJ)* shows increased activity to stimuli at _____ _____unexpected locationsthe *temporoparietal junction (TPJ)* receives *input* directly from the _____ _____visual cortexthe *temporoparietal junction (TPJ)* has strong connects with the _____ _____ _____, which is involved in *working memory*ventral frontal cortexthe *ventral frontal cortex* may analyze *novelty* by _____ stimuli over short periods of timecomparing_____ _____ most frequently results from a *stroke or Alzheimers* -complete *disregard* for *1 side* of the world -typically *LEFT* is neglectedHemispatial neglectbrain damage in Hemispatial neglect shows damage to three brain regions. name them.-intraparietal sulu -temporoparietal junction -ventral frontal cortex