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Which state is NOT part of the Midwestern Region? Missouri North Dakota Mississippi IllinoisMississippiWhich state is NOT part of the Southeastern Region? Virginia Arkansas Louisiana MarylandMarylandThe Rocky Mountains, Sierra Nevada, and Great Salt Lake are part of this region...WesternThe Grand Canyon, Rio Grande, and Chihuahuan Desert are part of this region...SouthwesternThe Great Lakes, Great Plains, and northern Mississippi River are part of this region...MidwestThe southern Appalachian Mountains, Piedmont, Gulf Coast and Everglades are part of this region...SoutheastThe eastern Great Lakes, Chesapeake Bay and Cape Cod are part of this region...NortheastIn ________________, government officials must balance protection of the wilderness with the use of natural resources, especially oil and gas.AlaskaDrought is a major concern in the _________________________. Experts believe another major event like the Dust Bowl will occur in the future.Great PlainsAcross the ______________________________, the old and sometimes dangerous mines present dangers to workers.Appalachian MountainsIn the Southwest, the decreasing level of water in the ______________________ due to damming and irrigation has threatened this vital water source.Colorado RiverIn the ______________________, the Central Valley of California is the nation's most important agricultural producer.Pacific WestWhy are 48 of the states in the United States called contiguous?They are connected to one another.Which country is located south of the United States across the Rio Grande from the state of Texas?MexicoWhich statement accurately describes a difference between the Sun Belt and the Great Lakes regions? While Great Lakes states include cities like Austin and Tucson, the Sun Belt includes Columbus and Wichita. While urban areas in the Sun Belt have grown dramatically since World War II, the population has decreased in many cities in the Great Lakes region. While the Great Lakes region includes Bryce Canyon, the Sun Belt is home to the Everglades. While a variety of crops grow in the Sun Belt, little farming occurs near the Great Lakes.While urban areas in the Sun Belt have grown dramatically since World War II, the population has decreased in many cities in the Great Lakes region.In _________________, nonnative species threaten the diversity of the native plants and animals.HawaiiOverfishing and pollution in the _______________________ have negatively affected the natural wildlife. This has harmed the local industry and economy.Chesapeake BayCultural diffusion is the reason the United States is so diverse. American culture is a mixture of __________________, _________________, and ______________ brought by immigrants from other countries.languages, foods, and values