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characters and plot

In book one, what is wart?

kay's squire, a kind of servant who assists and attends to his master as the knight travels in search of adventure

Arthurs dad

uther pendragon

arthurs foster dad

Sir Ector

Arthurs most notable enemy in book 2

Sir lot of orkeny

Sir lot's + Morgause's sons

Gawaine, Gaheris, Gareth, and Agravaine,

Who helps arthur defeat lot?

bors and ban, two french kings

Where does Arthur battle lot?


Who is arthurs greatest knight and best friend?


Why does lancelot embark on a series of quests?

to escape his growing feelings for guenever and establish his reputation

What does lancelot do after guenever's jealousy drives him insane?

He roams England for several years as a wild man, unrecognized and ill-treated by everyone he meets

Who is elaines and lancelots child?


What does arthur do when his kingdom starts to unravel in book three?

he tries to keep his knights occupied by sending them to find the Holy Grail.

Which knights find the holy grail?

Only three knights, Sir Bors, Sir Percival, and Sir Galahad, are pure enough to find the holy vessel

How is lancelot different when he returns from his quests and visits?

lancelot is a humbled and religious man

When does lancelot continue again to have an affair with guenever after going on his quest and becoming holy?

after he rescues guenever from a kidnapping

Who is arthurs son whom he had with morgause?


In which book does destruction of camelot become inevitable

book 4 the candle in the wind

who traps arthur into becoming aware of lancelot and guenever's affair?

Agravine and mordred

who rescues guenever from being burned at a stake


Who gets killed in the rescue of guenever

two of Gawaine's brothers, Gareth and Gaheris

what does arthur do after lancelot has saved guenever from being burned

He and his armies seige to lancelots castle

Who takes the thrown while arthur is away illeagly?


Who is the protagonist of the novel?


Who is so perfect that they seem to be more angelic than human and is disliked by most of the knights for being so perfect


who is Morgause's sweetest and most sensitive son and loves arthur and lancelod?


who is morgause's oldest and strongest son?


who is prone to murderous rages, and is in many ways an emblem of everything that is wrong with knighthood, but is still a decent man?


Who is the first knight arthur meets?

king pellinore

who becomes accomplished after marriage and their kindness lives on through their children?

king pellinore

who is arthurs foster brother and knight of the round table?

sir kay

who is arthurs foster father and kays biological father?

sir ector

who is a character that can only be hunted by king pellinore but eventually is hunted by Sir Palomides

the questing beast

who is one of mordreds closest allies and one of morgauses sons?


who has the most problems with his moms primiscuity and is cruel, discietful, and cowardly throughout the novel?


who is an evil knight known for his sneak attacks and ambushes?

Sir bruce sans pitie

who always manages to avoid capture and is a recurring example of the old injustices that Arthur is trying to fight.

Sir bruce sans pitie

who is Lancelot's childhood instructor and although he is the brother of kings, he is Lancelot's squire when Lancelot becomes a knight of the Round Table.

Uncle dap

Who is Morgause's sister and Arthur's half-sister who shows up periodically to torment people with her spells?

morgan le fay

who is merlyns lover who traps him in a cave?


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