chapter 10- Stresses and Strains

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relational evaluation
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responses to jealousyretaliation try to protect the relationship but that often undermine it( spying on their partner) -restricting their partners freedom -derogating -threatening their rival -positive responses( expressing the problems, trying to work things out)deceptionintentional behavior that creates an impression in the recipient that the deceiver knows to be falseTrue or false: "There is a lot of lying in everyday lifetrueTrue or false: "Men get jealous more than women"falseTrue or False: " Most lies are self-serving"truewhat % of people are prolific liars7 %Self-serving liesbeing malicious and lying to make yourself look betterBenevolent liesnot being malicious and perhaps they are even helpful to the person to whom they are toldserious liesthe truth can seriously disrupt the quality and emotional tone of an important relationship. It devastates the relationshipDeceiver's distrustyou lie to your partner, you think they are lying to you as well. causes less honest and more distrust between your partnertrue or false: "Sociable people tend to make more lies"trueTrue or false: "secure individuals are more likely to liefalse, they are less likely to lielies to your partner tend to be......more descriptiveThe truth biasAs a result of becoming more intimate with your partner, we assume your partners are telling the truthbetrayalhurtful actions by people we trusted and from whom we did not expect it fromTrue or false: "women get betrayed more than men do"false, there is not difference in how often both men and women get betrayedForgivenessentails giving up the right to retaliate for your others wrongdoing.forgiveness occurs when-when a person who wrongs us apologizes( and they actually mine it) -when the victim is able to empathize with themhow is more likely to forgive more?agreeable people people with secure attachment stylesforgiveness usually improves the relationships in which it occurs allows for more communication