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The Constituion

Sample questions for Dr. Cooper's notes on the Constitution. * = a date is the answer or is included in the answer ** = answer put in my own words so it may be hard for someone (besides myself) to answer them Note: when a question asks for two or more answers, the answers will be separated by commas

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Articles of Confederation (1781-1789)
What was the first constitution of the U.S. that made government intentionally weak in order to avoid tyranny? *
What was the only branch of government when the Articles of the Confederation was the constitution of the US?
the British had said that would remove their soldiers but refused to remove them from the Great Lakes area
What was the conflict between the British and America after the Revolution? **
a border dispute over Florida cause Spain to close down the MI river so the Americans can't get to New Orleans
What was the conflict between Spain and America after the Revolution? **
new nation was very weak, huge debt from war, not allowed to tax and can only bill, couldn't regulate trade
What were some of the major problems and weaknesses that the US had after writing the Articles of the Confederation? **
The Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia (May-Sept 1787)
What was the meeting held to amend the Articles of Confederation? Where and when did it happen? *
How many founding fathers were at the Constitutional Convention?
he knew others would go if he went since they trusted him and because he was alarmed by a rebellion in MA
Why did George Washington decide to go to the Constitutional Convention? **
James Madison, Alexander Hamilton
Who were two of the founding fathers who were at the Constitutional Convention?
John Adams, Thomas Jefferson
Who was the ambassador to Great Britain and who was the ambassador to France? (hint: they both attended the Constitutional Convention)
What were the founding fathers afraid of when they were worried that they might create a government with too much power and abuse the poeple?
What were the founding fathers afraid of when they were worried that the people may have too much power and cause anarchy?
great compromise
What was the plan proposed by Ben Franklin which solved the issue about how each state would be represented in Congress?
he divided Congress into Senate, which had 2 votes per state, and House of Reps, where the number of votes depended on the state's population
How did Ben Franklin solve the conflict between the large and small states with the Great Compromise? **
100, 435
How many members are currently in the Senate and House of Representatives?
1 slave equaled 3/5 of a free person (3/5 Compromise)
How did the people count the slaves when trying to include them in part of the population? **
When was the Constitution put into affect? *
a bundle of compromises
What was the nickname for the Constitution?
How many articles are in the Constitution?
1st Article
Which article is the longest and outlines what congress, who believed that they should be the most powerful, could do? (legislative)
2nd Article
Which article creates the executive branch that spells out what the president is allowed to do?
there should be a supreme court, congress can create any other courts that are needed, there has to be a chief justice (does not say how many judges)
What does the 3rd Article of the Constitution say? **
When were the Bill of Rights created? *
freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, and freedom of petition
What are the human rights included in the First Amendment? **
popular sovereignty, representative government, limited government, federalism, separation of powers, checks and balances, individual rights ,all power not defined in constitution goes to state
What were the basic principles for the plan of government written in the Constitution? (hint: there are 8) **
a system in which governmental power is shared between national government ans state governments
What is Federalism? **
3 separate branches of government instead of a single Congress with all governmental power
What does separation of powers mean? **
2/3, 3/4
What is the majority of Senate/House of Rep members and the majority of states that must agree on an amendment before it is adopted?
state legislative elected them because they thought people weren't smart enough to do it
How were senators elected before 1913?
the president who carries out the law
What is the Executive Branch? **
congress, senate, and house of reps who make the law
What is the Legislative Branch?
supreme court and other courts who interprets the law
What is the Judicial Branch?
When was the Confederation Congress (from when to when)?
can veto a proposed law (L), nominates the justices on Supreme Court and the judges on lower courts (J)
What checks does the Executive branch have over the Legislative (L) and Judicial (J) branches? **
can override a presidential veto and impeach a president (E), can impeach a justice on Supreme Court or a judge on lower courts (J)
What checks does the Legislative branch have over the Executive (E) and Judicial (J) branches? **
can declare a president's actions to be unconstitutional (E), can declare a law to be unconstitutional (L)
What checks does the Judicial branch have over the Executive (E) and the Legislative (L) branches?
establish education systems, exercise the police power, authority to regulate marriages and divorces
What were some of the significant powers that the states retained in the federal system of government? **
the people, 2 years
Who were the members of the House of Representatives elected by and how long was their term? **
state legislature (later the people), 6 years
Who were the Senators elected by and how long was their term? **
indirectly by people but directly by electoral votes, 4 years
Who were the Presidents elected by and how long was their term?
Electoral College (electors)
Who are the voters chosen to represent the state in the presidential elections?
number of senators plus number of representatives
How are the number of electoral votes chosen for a state? **
538, 270
How many electoral votes are there total and what is the minimum amount of votes needed to win?
Nineteenth Amendment (XIX)
Which amendments states that no person should be denied a right to vote based on their gender?
How many justices serve on the Supreme Court?
January 20th
When is the president inaugurated?
What is the number of the current US Congress?
Jim Cooper, democrat
Who represents most of Davidson County in the House of Representatives and what political party does he belong to?
Llamar Alexander, Bob Corker, republican
Who are the two senators for Tennessee and what political party do they belong to? (hint: they are in alphabetical order by last name)
$400,000, $174,000, $223,000
What are the salaries of the President, the House of Reps and Senate, and the Chief of Justice?
How long does a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court serve?