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Protein Translocation

wk 2
Free Ribosomes
What type of ribosome are cytoplasmic proteins
ER associated
What type of ribosome is secretory/ membrane proteins
Where do genes for plastid function move to?
proper place in the plastid
For plastids to function the proteins need to get back into the......
Transit peptide
amino acid sequence at the N-terminus which targets proteins to the plastid stroma
Bipartite signal
Name for transit peptide and signal sequence
cleaved off
What happens to sequences after translocation to produce a functional protein
Bipartite signal to targeting to......
Sec system
What system is used for proteins to get across membranes when involved with thylakoids
Translocon of the outer chloroplast membrane
What does Toc stand for?
Translocon of the inner chloroplast membrane
What does Tic stand for?
Toc-Tic system
Which system is used for proteins to get across outer membranes
What is needed for translocation?
Toc-Tic system is homologous in primary plastids to what other organism?
Exports Proteins
What does the Toc-Tic system do in Cyanobaceria?