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Atoms & Heat

If you double the energy content of a kilogram of gas, the temperature of the gas (measured on the absolute K scale)...


About how fast are molecules in air moving?

1000 ft/ second

Temperature is the measure of

average kinetic energy

In a bucket of water, the instantaneous speed of the molecules is closest to


A refrigerator operating in a room
A: warms the room
B: cools the room
C: has no effect on the room
D: removes water vapor from the room

Warms the room

A refrigerator with its door open is operating in a room. It...
A: warms the room
B: cools the room
C: has no effect of the room
D: removes water vapor from the room

Has no effect on the room

A table has the same temperature as the air above it. That means that the molecules in the air and the table have the same...

the same average energy

Ice melts at

0 C

A gas heater warms a room mostly through


The velocity of sound
A: increases when the temp increases
B: decreases when the temp increases
C: depends on the pressure of the air
D: is constant, independent of the temperature


If a gasoline engine produces a hotter explosion, then the efficiency of the engine should


A cup full of water and made of plastic feels warmer than one made of glass because

plastic conducts heat better than glass

The atom with the fewest number of protons is


How many atoms are there in the width of a human hair?


The speed of sound is approximately

1000 ft / second

Put a hot glass in cool water. The glass shatters because...


Sea level is rising from global warming. The main cause is...

Expanding sea water

The temperature warms by 2 C. That is approximately the same as...(F)

4 F
1 C approx= 2 F

Heat a room using the least energy by


There is almost no hydrogen gas in the air because

it escapes the Earth's gravity

At Mach 10, if all the energy of a meteorite went into heating the meteorite, its temperature would be about...


The New Orleans levees failed because

they were weaker at the thermal expansion points

If temperatures rise by 5C = 9F, then the rise in sea level will be about...

6 inches to 3 feet (multiple choice answer is 2 feet)

For a typical auto, the fraction of the gasoline energy wasted as heat is about...


The temperature in the sun

is not well defined

When a material is cooled

some materials contract and some expand

The melting temperature of an object is usually

equal to its freezing point

Absolute zero is the temperature of

liquid helium

When a liquid boils, the increase in volume (liquid to gas) is typically a factor of


If the temperature of a gas in a container goes from 0 C to 300 C the pressure will

become 300 times greater

Fire-walking is similar to

water on a saucepan

For gasoline to explode, it needs

to be mixed with oxygen

To be more efficient, the temperature difference (between the ignited hot fuel and the cool part of the engine) should be

as large as possible

Heat flow through empty space (no atoms present)...

occurs through radiation

Entropy measures


Molecular motion stops at

0 K

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