T/F Damage to Broca's area in the brain tends to be associated with right side paralysis
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describe a change in the human birth process that likely evolved because the neonatal head is larger than the maternal pelvis in one dimensionfetal head rotationname a species (common name, genus or species) that has relatively precocial newbornsHorses, llamas etcdescribe an example of an icon, an index, and a symbolicon: reference by likeness (eg. handicap sign) index: reference by physical temporal correlation (eg. one thing suggests another such as loss of taste as a symptom of covid) symbol: reference by agreement (eg. how everyone understands that certain traffic signs are meant to dictate driving behavior)How do innate calls (including human laughter and sobbing) differ from words and speech with respect to a. how they are controlled in the brain b. how they refer to things and events in the worlda. innate calls are subcortical and evolved responses, words are cortical and you can learn them instead of evolving them b. innate calls mostly express emotion; words have unlimited meaning and possibilities based on grammar & syntax