micro bio lectures week 1-4

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Which of the three domains does NOT contain pathogenic microbes?
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which cell is bigger, eukaryotic or prokaryotic ?eukaryotictrue or false: eukaryotic cells AND prokaryotic cells contain DNAtruewhich of the following would only be found in a eukaryotic cell ? - ribosome - proteins - DNA - nucleusnucleuswhat property of an element makes it unique (distinguishes it from another element?) - number of protons - atomic mass - number of electronsnumber of electronswhat type of chemical bond results in two atoms sharing electrons ? - ionic - hydrogen - covalentcovalentWhich of the following statements best describes the bond formed between oxygen and hydrogen in a water molecule? A. it is a nonpolar ionic bond B. it is a polar covalent bond C. it is a polar ionic bond D. it is a nonpolar covalent bondBWhich of the following statements is true regarding amphipathic molecules? A. they have a hydrophillic and hydrophobic end B. they contain only hydrogen bonds C. they are composed of only ionic compoundsA________ are the monomers used to build proteinsamino acidswhat is a synonym for the morphology -bacillus- ?rodwhich of the following structure is NOT found in a gram negative bacterium's cell envelope? A. teichoic acid B. peptidoglycan C. phospholipids D. O-antigenAGram positive cells have a __________ layer of peptidoglycan; gram negative cells have a _________ layer of peptidoglycanthick; thinWhich component of the cell envelope is composed of a phospholipid bilayer? A. the LPS layer B. the cell wall C. the cell membraneCdoes the cell wall anchor the outermembrane to the cell membrane ?no, lipoprotein doeswhich of the following statements is FALSE regarding prokaryotic ribosomes ? A. Prokaryotic cells contain 70s ribosomes B. Prokaryotic ribosomes are larger than eukaryotic ribosomes C. Prokaryotic ribosomes can be inhibited by antibiotics such as erythromycinBwhat extracellular structure, made of polysaccharides, is found on both fungal and bacterial cells that cause pneumonia ?capsulestrue or false: FUNGAL cells contain 70s ribosomesfalseIn which group is the protozoan, Plasmodium falciparum, classified? - amoeba, ciliates, flagellates, apicomplexanapicomplexanwhere is the DNA of a protozoan cell located?nucleusare archaea cells pathogenic?nowhat extracellular bacterial structure allows for the transfer of DNA from one cell to another?sex piluswhat term refers to a small circular piece of DNA that carries nonessential, but advantageous genetic information in bacterial cells ? - nucleoid - plasmid - inclusion body - chromosomechromosomewhat organelle is primarily responsible for making energy (ATP) in a eukaryotic cell? A. golgi body B. ribosome C. mitochondria D. nucleusmitochondriatrue or false: COVID-19 is the name of the virus causing the current pandemicfalsewhat is a function of a spike found on the capsid of a virus? A. aids in the release of the virus from the host cell B. allows the virus to attach to host cellsBwhat macromolecule are most bacterial capsules composed of?polysaccharides (carbohydrates)what term refers to a latent virus (a virus that is resting in the host cell)?lysogenic viruswhat type of genetic material is found in a virus? (ex. single, double stranded DNA/RNA)viruses can contain all three typeswhich of these cells is least likely to have a cell wall ? A. acid fast bacterium B. gram positive bacterium C. protozoa D. fungiCwhat disease did Edward Jenner create a vaccine for ?small pox_________ are proteins that surround the genetic material of a virus.capsidswhich of the following would not be found in ALL viruses ? A. envelope B. capsid C. spikes D. genetic materialAlist the steps of the lytic cycle1. injection of genetic material 2. replication of new viral components 3. virion assembly 4. lysis of host cell and release of virions