41 terms

Teach yourself Thai unit 10 (I don't understand)

to translate/mean
what does...mean?
...bplair wahˆ a-rai
to listen
to understand
roo´ reuˆung
to be confused
not...at all
to gossip
what does...mean? (meaning not translation)
....maiˇ kwahm wahˆ a-rai
but don't go
dteh` yah` bpai
Can you you say that again?
pootˆ eek` tee daiˆ mai´
I don't understand
mai roo´ reungˆ
could you please speak slowly
pootˆ chah´ chah´ noy` daiˆ mai´
I don't know the word...
maiˆ roo´-juk` kum wahˆ .....
What is that in English
pah-sahˇ angrit bplai wahˆ a-rai
What does ... mean?
...maiˇ khwam wahˆ a-rai
What do you mean?
koon maiˇ khwam wahˆ a-rai
How are we going?
bpai yung-ngai
How do you eat mangoes?
ma-mooˆ-ung gin yung-ngai
How high/tall is it?
soongˇ taoˆ-rai`
How heavy are you?/ What do you weigh?
koon nuk` taoˆ-rai`
How long have you studied Thai?
ree-un pah-sahˇ Thai nahn taoˆ-rai`
Do you understand? (by listening)
fung roo´ reuˆ-ung mai´
Do you understand? (by reading)
ahn` roo´ reuˆ-ung mai´
I don't understand (what I hear)
fung maiˆ roo´ reuˆ-ung
I don't understand (what I read)
ahn` maiˆ roo´ reuˆ-ung
I don't understand at all
pomˇ maiˆ roo´ reuˆ-ung leeu
Its not very nice to live in at all
maiˆ naaˆ yoo` leeu
There aren't any at all
maiˆ mee leeu
Its not expensive at all
maiˆ paeng leeu
Don't forget ok?
yah` luem na´
don't make it very spicy ok?
yah` tam pet` mahkˆ na´
Don't drive fast ok?
yah` kup` ray-o na´
verb + play (makes it for fun)
pootˆ lenˆ, dern lenˆ (go for walk)
eat for fun/ snack
gin lenˆ
Oh! I understand now.
orˆ! Kaoˆ-jai laeo´
If you speak very fast, I don't understand at all
tahˆ pootˆ ray-o mahkˆ pomˇ gawˆ maiˆ roo´ reuˆ-ung leeu
But don't go believing him
dtair` yah` bpai chuaˆ kao´ na´