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type 1 diabetesno insulintype 2 diabetesnot enough insulin low sodium dietAddison's diseasecan cause autoimmune attack bronze color skin weight loss hypoglycemiagastritisbloating limit spices and caffeinenephrotic syndromeproteinuria in urinehiatal herniaheartburn, belching, dysphagia, vomiting bloodhiatal hernia dietno chocolate, spicy, tomato or citruslyme diseasetick bite rash, joint pain, neuro, hepatitis antibioticsCOPDnonreversible barrel chest cyanosisgoutdecrease meat, sweets, seafoodacute pancreatitissudden abdominal pain after eating N/V, increase fluidsrisk for fluid deficitelderly DM kidney disease working in harsh climateshearing lossface them directly speak slowly with low pitch use expressionsorgan donationmust be clear of disease such as HIV, cancer or major injuryflu vaccineeveryone 6 months or older without egg allergywet to dry dressingcan take healthy skin off as well as bad skin infection likelyBuck's tractionweights hang freely don't remove/lift weightsosteoporosis risk factorssmoking early menopause excessive alcohol female advanced age thin small framed white Asiancorticosteroid side effectsimpaired wound healing fragile skin hirsutism moon face osteoporosis hyperglycemiapeptic ulcer disease complicationsbleeding, perforation, pyloric obstructiongastric ulcer30-60 mins after meal eating makes it worseduodenal ulcer1-3 hours after meal eating relieves painMDIdon't put in mouth can use spacer hold breath 10-15 seconds before breathing out slowlylithiumgive with food or milkphenytoin10-20 > 30 is toxicValproic Acid (Depakote)treat seizure disorders and prevent migrainesSucralfate (Carafate)prevents ulcers, coats ulcers take on empty stomachtrach carepreoxygenate don't suction longer than 10-15 seconds suction mouth lastAddison's diseaselow sodium high potassium dehydratedAddisonian crisislife threatening occurs in response to stressful eventDKAkussmal's breathing (deep rapid)gastritisinflammation of the stomach caused by excessive alcohol use, chronic vomiting, stress, meds such as aspirinlyme diseaseflu like symptoms rash, pain, muscle stiffnessCOPDbarrel chest clubbed nails tripod position space out ADLs, cool roomgoutlimit protein, plenty of fluids, low purine dietDVT preventionexercise anticoagulants aspirin compression stockingsendocarditisrheumatic fever chills sweating antibioticscoronary artery disease risk factorssmoking, obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertensionpotassium level3.5-5.0hyponatremiaconfusion, muscle weakness check respiratory statushypernatremiaseizures muscle twitchingrespiratory acidosisteach pursed lip breathing COPD, asthma, hypoventilation, broken ribsrespiratory alkalosishyperventilation, anxiety, fear teach pt to slow rate of breathing, breathe in bagmetabolic acidosisDKA, severe diarrhea, starvationmetabolic alkalosisprolonged vomitingairborne precautionsTB, measles, chicken poxcontact precautionsMRSA, lice, scabies, CDiffdroplet precautionsflu, mumps, pertussis surgical maskcompartment syndromeedema, pain, pallor, cyanosis, tingling/numbnessnephrotic syndromemassive protein in urine GFR normal= increase proteinLasixpromotes fluid losspneumonia risk factorssmoking, COPD, excessive alcohol, cold/flu, older than 65, weak immune systemgastric and duodenal ulcersLUQ painpeptic ulcer diseasecaused by NSAIDs and H. pyloripeptic ulcer diseaseepigastric pain relieved by food intake and pain that caused awakening at night pain occurs between mealsCOPD risk factorsemphysema and chronic bronchitisduodenal ulcerfood relieves painfluid volume deficitcool clammy skin rapid breathing rapid HR sweating confusionincentive spirometerinhale slowly and deeplyfoods high in potassiumbananas, orange juice, milk, fish, yogurt, squashflu shoteveryone 6 months and older that's not immunocompromised or allergic to eggs or had Guillan Barreparaplegiaparalysis in lower extremitiesbronchoscopycheck for gag reflexEGDdon't take aspirin before the test; remove denturessigns to report after bronchoscopytemp of 100.4 or higher swelling of IV site blood or leakage from IV site chest pain severe hoarseness trouble breathingpap screeningevery year after sexTURP postopcath placed avoid sexual activity 4 weeksmagnesium1.5-2.5cholesterol<200pH7.35-7.45PaCO245-35HCO321-28justicefairnessbeneficencedoing goodassertivenessexpressing one's opinions forcefully without offending otherssteroidsdecrease graduallyalbuterolincreases heart rateleft heart failure symptomsFatigue and activity intolerance Cough (often dry initially) Mild weight gain that leads to early pulmonary symptoms orthopnea Paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea Tachypnea Crackles S3 heart sound Cardiac cachexia and muscle weakness in advanced stage Acute pulmonary edemaright sided heart failurejungular Vein Distention ascending Dependent Edema weight Gain hepatomegaly (Liver Enlargement)passivenessAn attitude based on the desire to avoid conflictautonomic dysreflexiathrobbing headache- cath ptdiaphragmatic breathinglying on back with hands on abdomenpolyuriafrequent urinationpolydipsiaexcessive thirstLantuslong acting insulinSomogyi effectbedtime snackalcoholdisulfiram effectaccident removal of parathyroid glands could causetetanypheochromocytomahigh BP do not palpateMaalox, Mylantacoat esophagus antacid 2-3 hours before mealGaviscontake after mealsHistamine receptor (Pepcid, Zantac)decrease acid secretiondecrease gastric secretionsPPI H2 Receptor antagonistsPPIsmay cause diarrheacytotecprevents stomach ulcersimmunosuppressantscan cause pancreatitisarthroscopypt must have mobility in joint; infected pt's not candidatesPaget's diseasebowing of long bonesavascular necrosisdeath of tissue due to insufficient blood supplyfat embolismpetechia to chest, upper arms, and neckthromboembolism risk factorhip fracture; do not massage or ambulate it clot presentosteoarthritisswimmingmethotrexatecontraindicated for pregnancyplaquenilget eye exams regularlyBRMsdon't give to TB ptallopurinoldecrease uric acidcolchicinedecrease inflammationcor pulmonalerich side heart failuretonsillitis complicationperitonsillar abscessperitonsillar abscesspus around tonsil drainage Clindamycinflumisthealthy adults 2-49avian influenzabird fluchest tubenotify if more than 100 ml hr drainageatelectasiscollapsed lunglung diseasetrachea deviates coughPaO280-100resonancehealthy lung sound