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a group of people working together
basketball court
the special floor marked with lines. This is where you play basketball
the round hoop (ring) that you throw a basketball into
the rope that attaches to a basketball hoop (ring)
the flat sheet of wood or hard plastic that a basket is attached to
half-court line
the line on the center of the basketball court (floor) that divides the court into two halves
to earn points in a game
to do something that is against the rules
foul shot
a free shot from the foul line given to a player who has been fouled in the act of shooting
foul line
the line a player stands on when taking a foul shot
forward player
There are two forwards on a basketball team. They are usually taller than the guards. They play closer to the basket along with the center team member.
guard player
There are two guards on the team. They are usually the smallest team members. Their job is to bring the ball down the court to their team's basket. They help the center.
center player
There are two in basketball. Their job is to make sure all players follow the rules of the game.
to hit and move the basketball in short bounces
to throw a basketball through a hoop; to score a point
regular defense
a player guards a player from another team
zone defense
a player guards a part of the court instead of one player. The player guards any other opposing player who enters that section
to do something, espcially to make a mistake; to commit a foul on another player
to touch or come together
to try to keep the other team from scoring
a person who is playing on the opposite team
to try to score

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