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Digital Media - File Types Review


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Most common graphic file format, full color graphic format (16.7 million colors), relatively small file size.
(Graphical Interchange Format) Indexed color format for images (256 colors), supports simple transparency layer and simple frame-based animation that CANNOT play audio.
(Portable Network Graphic) Supports advanced transparency, relatively average file size and can be interlaced, optimizing for internet use. The new, better .jpeg.
Versatile graphic file type that can use a variety of color formats but has very large file size. Format works best for publishing or print work.
Format most commonly used by digital scanners - full color format (16.7 million colors) relatively large file size.
(Photoshop Document) Native file type used by Adobe® Photoshop. Does not compress layers of a design, allowing for future editing - can only be opened and edited by Photoshop.
Formerly the standard animation format exported from Flash or Animate for use on the Internet can support frame-based or vector animation. Supports ActionScript coding, allowing for user interactivity/games - relatively small file size. Think online interactive Flash games.
(Movie) Used for television broadcasting. Universal format for ALL computers and uses the Quicktime® player for video playback. It is also the standard video format for Apple® computers. Converts an animation by exporting to a video file which can then be imported and edited by a video editing software.
Video format that uses the Adobe® Flash Player for animation playback - standard format for embedded video on the Internet. Used for moving advertisements. Not interactive, just playback.
Native (original) project file used by Adobe® Flash and Animate that preserves the project's layers, scenes, and library for future editing - can only be opened or edited by Flash. Files are exported as a .SWF or FLV for viewing on the web.
Most popular audio file format. Standard for downloading and storing music files - commonly used for streaming over the Internet. Compatible on all devices (computers, phones, etc.)
Standard audio creation file format for PCs, native sound format within the Windows® environment. Does not work on Apple products, Linux, most phones, etc.
(Windows Media AUdio) Uses Windows® Media Player for audio playback - Microsoft® format used for streaming audio files. This is an exported file that is not editable.
(Musical Instrument Digital Interface) The standard file format used by digital instruments (keyboards, guitars, etc.). It contains information about musical notes
(Advanced Audio Coding) Standard file format used by mobile devices and Apple® Computers. Higher quality sound than .MP3 and can be played on PC/MAC or other platforms.
Standard video format for Microsoft® PCs
Uses the Windows® Media Player for video playback and is the Microsoft® file format used for streaming on the Internet.
If it starts with this, it will probably only work on a PC.
These file types are the original files, like a .PSD or .AI that are editable and preserve layers, hidden tracks, etc.
Format used for DVDs
Format used for Blu-Ray Discs (better quality than MPEG-2), standard for streaming videos over the Internet.
Native Adobe Illustrator file. Vector-based (scalable)
Uses AAC to encode high quality audio files. It's the newer version of the .MP3 with better quality.
(File Transfer Protocol) A safe method to compress and encrypt files to transfer to a remote server over the internet. Usually used to transfer large website all at once.
(National Television System Committee) Standard used in North America and most of South America for broadcasting television, 30 frames are transmitted each second.
(Phase Alternating Line) Standard for television broadcasting, mostly used overseas, 25 frames are transmitted each second.
("Séquentiel Couleur à Mémoire" in French or Sequential Color with Memory) standard for French and Asian broadcast television .
The file that contains the component files of an Adobe Animate project, including a compiled movieclip, ActionScript code or any other assets or symbols used to create the file animation. Kind of like a library for the project.