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  1. scope creep
  2. group cohesiveness
  3. % of time in planning phase (industry std.)
  4. 4 steps to project management
  5. % of time in analysis phase (industry std.)
  1. a 20%
  2. b estimate project time frame, develop work plan, staff the project, coordinate project activities
  3. c when new requirements are added to the project after the original project scope was defined and "frozen"
  4. d the attraction that members feel to the group and to other members
  5. e 15%

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  1. who will use the system, what will the system do, where and when it will be used, and analysis current operations and develop the concept for new operations
  2. way to estimate project time frame that is based on industry standard percentages
  3. a document that tracks potential risks along with an evaluation of the likelihood of the risk and its potential impact on the project.
  4. created by project manager, this document details out the roles that are required for the project and the proposed reporting structure for the project
  5. assign unrealistic deadlines, ignore good efforts, create a low-quality product, give everyone on the project a raise, make an important decision without the team's input, maintain poor working conditions

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  1. three steps of function pointtotal that comes from all function points when calculated out


  2. technical leadperson who oversees the progress of a group of programmers and more technical staff memebers


  3. interpersonal skillsskills that people possess that are important for working on a technical task


  4. 3 Trade Offs to balance w/ project managementSize (functionality), time, money


  5. total unadjusted function pointsestimate system size (function points and lines of code), estimate efforts required (persons-months), estimate time required (months)