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  1. waterfall development
  2. risk management
  3. technical lead
  4. Rapid Application Development (RAD)
  5. Planning
  1. a person who oversees the progress of a group of programmers and more technical staff memebers
  2. b why should an IS be built and how will the project team go about building it
  3. c process of assessing and addressing the risks that are associated with developing a project
  4. d analysts and users proceed sequentially from one phase to the next.
  5. e using special techniques and computer tools to speed up the analysis, design, and implementation phases in order to get some portion of the system developed quickly and into the hands of users for evaluation and feedback

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  1. Size (functionality), time, money
  2. skills that people possess that are important for working on a technical task
  3. 20%
  4. skills that people possess that involve the ability to communicate and work with business users, senior management executives, and other team members
  5. a document that tracks potential risks along with an evaluation of the likelihood of the risk and its potential impact on the project.

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  1. group cohesivenessthe attraction that members feel to the group and to other members


  2. % of time in implementation phase (industry std.)30%


  3. work plancreated by project manager, this document details out the roles that are required for the project and the proposed reporting structure for the project


  4. three steps of function pointtotal that comes from all function points when calculated out


  5. motivationdynamic schedule that records and keeps track of all of the tasks that need to be accomplished over the course of the project