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  1. % of time in implementation phase (industry std.)
  2. risk management
  3. milestones
  4. functional lead
  5. three steps of function point
  1. a important dates or deadlines
  2. b 30%
  3. c estimate system size (function points and lines of code), estimate efforts required (persons-months), estimate time required (months)
  4. d process of assessing and addressing the risks that are associated with developing a project
  5. e person assigned to manage a group of analysts

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  1. assign unrealistic deadlines, ignore good efforts, create a low-quality product, give everyone on the project a raise, make an important decision without the team's input, maintain poor working conditions
  2. the attraction that members feel to the group and to other members
  3. estimate project time frame, develop work plan, staff the project, coordinate project activities
  4. 15%
  5. structure that is designed for a team, ideally kept at 8 to 10 people per team - so often sub teams are created and report through this structure

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  1. motivationdynamic schedule that records and keeps track of all of the tasks that need to be accomplished over the course of the project


  2. % of time in design phase (industry std.)35%


  3. adjusted project complexity (APC) factora document that lists the projects norms and ground rules


  4. Planningwhy should an IS be built and how will the project team go about building it


  5. task dependencieswhen a task can not be performed until another task is completed