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  1. waterfall development
  2. reporting structure
  3. risk assessment
  4. functional lead
  5. scope creep
  1. a person assigned to manage a group of analysts
  2. b when new requirements are added to the project after the original project scope was defined and "frozen"
  3. c analysts and users proceed sequentially from one phase to the next.
  4. d structure that is designed for a team, ideally kept at 8 to 10 people per team - so often sub teams are created and report through this structure
  5. e a document that tracks potential risks along with an evaluation of the likelihood of the risk and its potential impact on the project.

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  1. sets a fixed deadline for a project and delivers the system by that deadline no matter what, even if functionality needs to be reduced
  2. who will use the system, what will the system do, where and when it will be used, and analysis current operations and develop the concept for new operations
  3. result of totaling of assessments on end-user efficiency, re-usability and data communications
  4. total that comes from all function points when calculated out
  5. important dates or deadlines

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  1. motivation "don'ts"assign unrealistic deadlines, ignore good efforts, create a low-quality product, give everyone on the project a raise, make an important decision without the team's input, maintain poor working conditions


  2. interpersonal skillsskills that people possess that involve the ability to communicate and work with business users, senior management executives, and other team members


  3. function point approachmore accurate three-step process for determining estimated size of new system.


  4. task dependencieswhen a task can not be performed until another task is completed


  5. 4 steps to project managementprocess of assessing and addressing the risks that are associated with developing a project