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royal chartered monopoly company
A trade association formed by investors or shareholders for the purpose of carrying out colonial trade activities, especially in the Indian Ocean, South Asia, and Southeast (Examples: Royal African company, Dutch East India Company, British East India Company)
"rebirth"; following the Middle Ages, a European movement that centered on the revival of interest in the classical learning of Greece and Rome
Protestant Reformation
When criticisms of the Catholic Church created a schism that divided the Protestants from the Roman Catholics. This was a reform movement that began in 1517 with Martin Luther's critiques of the Roman Catholic Church. He believed that "sole fide" or "faith alone" was enough to gain entry to heaven.
A small, highly maneuverable three-masted ship used by the Portuguese and Spanish in the exploration of the Atlantic.
joint-stock company
A type of business structure used by some colonial explorers to raise money for their expedition. A company made up of a group of shareholders. Each shareholder contributes some money to the company and receives some share of the company's profits and debts.
An economic practice adopted by the European colonial powers (Portugal, Spain, England, France, the Netherlands) to exploit their overseas possessions (colonies) so that the "mother country" could become more wealthy; sought to increase their wealth and power by obtaining large amounts of gold and silver and by selling more goods than they bought
trading post empire
16th Century. Built initially by the Portuguese, this was a form of imperialism based on controlling trade rather than subject peoples or large territories. These were used to control the trade routes by forcing merchant vessels to stop at fortified trading sites and pay duties [taxes] there.
Columbian Exchange
Exchange of goods, ideas, diseases, and people between the Americas, Africa, and Europe. Each region was significantly impacted as a result of trade and contact.
plantation economy
economic system stretching between the Chesapeake Bay and Brazil that produced crops, especially sugar, cotton, and tobacco, using slave labor on large estates
coerced labor
forced labor systems (chattal slavery, indentured servitude, encomienda, hacienda, mit'a)
African religious ideas and practices among descendants of African slaves in Haiti. A syncretic blend of African animist beliefs and Christian practices.
A belief system which blends Hindu traditions with Islamic monotheistic traditions. Based in India and Pakistan. Shows the growing influence of Islam in South Asia during the 1450-1750 time period.

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