Final Exam for Health and Fitness

According to IDEA a child with a disability means:
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1) a child with intellectual disability
2) hearing impairment; deafness
3) speech or language impairment
4) visual impairment; blindness
5) serious emotional disturbance
6) orthopedic impairment
7) autism
8) traumatic brain injury
9) learning disability
10) deaf-blindness
11) multiple disabilities or other health impairments that require special education and related services
Adaptive physical education:1) encourages participation in physical activity 2) is a direct service 3) is educationally oriented 4) is closely associated with adaptive sportPE began in schools for students with visual disabilities inThe beginning of the 20th centuryAdaptive physical education was first defined by AAPHER in1952Exercise for medical benefits can be traced to China in3,000BCAncient Greek and Romans recognized theMedical and therapeutic values of exercise.Special olympics began in1968A lawsuit ensued about physical education and resulted in1) labeling a child as mentally retarded or denying the right to public education or placement in a regular setting without due process violates the rights of an individual 2) all mental retarded children are capable to benefit from a program of education and training 3) mental age cannot deny access to a free public program of education and training 4) having undertaken to provide free public education to all children a state may not deny mentally retarded Children the sameIDEA requires that the education of individuals with disabilities be conducted inLeast Restrictive Environmentequal opportunity means:Equivalent servicesAmericans with Disabilities ActPassed by Congress in 1991, this act banned discrimination against the disabled in employment and mandated easy access to all public and commerical buildings.Periodicals related to adaptive PE:Sports and spoke Playstra Adaptive physical education quarterlyAdaptive PE statements:1) School districts may not legally fund programs in a discriminatory manner 2) IDEA requires that special Ed, including Pe, be made available to kids with disabilities 3) contemporary direction and emphasis in adaptive physical education are heavily associated with an individuals right to free and appropriate education 4) Kennedy foundation established the special olympicsOther Health Impairment (OHI) is a type of disability associated withIDEAAccording to IDEA, the term at risk infant or toddler means:A child 3yrs or under that is at risk of developmental delay if early intervention services are not providedT/F Only students identified as having a disability under IDEA may receive services under section 504.FALSET/F An individualized family service plan is associated with infants and toddlers with disabilities.TRUET/ F IDEA requires that the education of individuals with disabilities be conducted in inclusive environments.FALSE; because of Least Restrictive EnvironmentLRE concept recognizes that not all students can be integrated into ....General classesT/F The ability to obtain health related criterion referenced physical fitness standards is an example of one criterion for establishing a unique need.TRUET/F Inclusion and the concept of LRE are the same thing.FALSE; they are not the same thingT/F All of the concept of LRE and inclusion are north e same thing. They support the idea of integration.TRUET/F One advantage of using the term adaptive sport is that it encourages a focus on sport and the term disability sport focus on disability.TRUET/F Generally elimination type activities are contraindicated for inclusive physical education settings.TRUET/F The frequency and duration of a required instructional program for those receiving adaptive physical education should be at least equal to that of students receiving general Ed.TRUET/F It is clear that the provisions of section 504 do not apply to sport atheistic programs in school districts.FALSE; they do apply to school districtsIn a school district, funding for athletics cannot be applied in a .....Discriminatory fashionT/F According to IDEA, the planning for programs for a child with a disability is to be planed by a doctor?FALSE; students plan should be made by a committeeT/F One technique for integrating disabilities into the classroom of PE is by having handicaps.TRUEWhich of these is an acceptable criterion for establishing a unique need in physical education? (4)Child meets: 1-criterion referenced standards 2-norm referenced standards 3-local curricular standard of achievement 4-grade level standard of achievementThese are true statements regarding LRE. (4)1-LRE is associated with IDEA. 2-Educating children with disabilities in a gen. setting to the extent appropriate is associated with LRE. 3-LRE for a kid may be a segregated setting. 4-schools should have a continuum of placements to accommodate LREAdapted physical education programs can be implemented in ....A general education settingCurricular options that are identified in the literature and that accommodate all students in both inclusive and noninclusive environments include which of the following?Same curriculum Multi-level curriculum Modified curriculum Different curriculumIt is suggested that special or segregated classroom should not exceed:12 studentsYou learn that age differences within a class with age 16 or less should never exceed:3 yearsT/F Physical educators should be involved to the extent possible when IEP's are developed. IEP should include goals that are designed to meet physical education needs.TRUERecommendations as the responsibility of the physician: (3)Interpret medical info. Administer medical exams. Making referrals to appropriate committeesT/F According to IDEA, physical education is a direct service and physical therapy is a related service.TRUEThe response to intervention system addresses:Early learning deficits and Learners at riskWho can you get permission to screen from? (4)1-parents and guardians 2-physicians 3-judicial officers 4-students themselves IF they are at LEAST 18 years old