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I've got this: taking responsibility, doing what we say we will. I take accountability for my work and ensure to deliver the highest quality outcomes in a timely manner, even if this means asking for assistance and clarification along the way. I understand the value of a commitment and will always flag it if something is preventing me from delivering the necessary work (e.g. clash of projects)
Only accept awesome: delivering high quality work that we are proud of and has impact. Always strive to deliver high quality work e.g. 4225
Show the love: celebrating successes & ensuring everyone has a voice. I celebrate the success of others, whether that's large scale (e.g. promotion) or something smaller like improving in a task. When mentoring a new grad, I made sure to always include some positive feedback to boost his confidence in his work. I am also approachable and always have time for questions from others
Do what scares you: challenging ourselves, taking risks and learning more. I enjoy a challenge and would relish the opportunity to work at C Space where clients come from a wide range of industries, meaning that I can develop new skills and solve new problems. Taking on new tasks at RP e.g. briefings before I was an exec
Tell it like it is: being honest and freeing ourselves from "office politics" and "hidden agendas I strongly value honesty in people and would be excited to work somewhere free from office politics, surrounded by likeminded honest people e.g. providing feedback to grads/PMAs, questioning when I think a suggestion doesn't sound right from senior staff e.g. errors in 4225 questionnaire
Open up and listen: Listening first and fully before we respond or react I am a good listener and always have time to hear the thoughts of other people when making a decision