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The FCC strictly monitors broadcasters for any content that is considered "news distortion," and often issues fines.
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What did the sinking of the Titanic in 1912 have to do with broadcast regulation?

It showed definitely how amateur wireless radio enthusiasts caused the ship to sink.
None of these
It led to the passage of the 1934 Communication Act.
All of these
It accelerated the process of U.S. government regulation of the electromagnetic spectrum and its frequencies.
Podcasts are often a mix of: repurposed radio content political commentary and sports talk None of these information and entertainmentinformation and entertainmentWhat was an early pressure on U.S. print and broadcast news media to adopt an online presence? Audiences lack of interest in visual communication All of these The emergence of commercial web browsers Increased political polarization of audiences in local marketsThe emergence of commercial web browsersWhile terrestrial radio listenership remains steady, podcast audiences are increasing. True FalseTrueWhat was one major purpose for the Digital Transition and Public Safety Act? To switch from analog broadcasting to digital None of these To change restrictions on children's programming restrictions To promote broadcasting in the public interestTo switch from analog broadcasting to digitalWhat is a reason podcasts are so popular? There are many choices of free content Short format segments allow for convenience and choice All of these They create a sense of communityAll of theseWhat is a digital news product that is generally highly visual and also shorter in length? newsletters short digital video segments longform journalism All of theseshort digital video segmentsAccording to the "On the Media" podcast segment, one criticism of previous media coverage of violence perpetrated by terrorist groups is that: Broader issues, such as Islamophobia, may be ignored By linking to online content from similar groups, journalists move audiences away from news coverage of the event By reaching out to other similar groups for comment, journalists may amplify those messages All of theseAll of thesePublic radio and podcast producers have found that they share the same audience and markets, and so don't need to spend time marketing content to new audiences. True FalseFalseNews wire services, such as Reuters, had early success by quickly moving to digitized content that they could sell to online aggregators. True FalseTrue"Over-the-top" is a term referring to delivery of television and film content over the Internet, rather than through subscription services such as cable. True FalseTrueIncreasing news literacy education may be one way to help U.S. audiences discern fact from opinion and news from commentary. True FalseTrueStudies have shown that incivility and outrage commentary is not often seen in cable news and talk radio formats. True FalseFalseOp-Eds are a form of news article written by a newspaper's editorial board. True FalseFalseWhat is a "pundit"? Someone who may or may not be an expert but is providing a perspective Both of these A person who makes direct, opinionated comments in an authoritative manner None of theseBoth of theseAn editorial is an article written by an expert in the field, or a thought leader who is not affiliated with the news organization that publishes it. True FalseFalseOne example of how journalism is professionalized is through the adherence to ethical codes of conduct and to recognize the authority of professional associations. True FalseTrueWhat influenced the development of the U.S. news media system? Early, strong development of commercialization of news Freedom from government subsidies and economic dependence Growing working and middle classes who read newspapers All of theseAll of theseWhat is native advertising? All of these Advertising that does not provide significant revenue for news organizations Talking heads who provide opinionated content on a cable news show Sponsored content that appears like news content on a news websiteSponsored content that appears like news content on a news websiteMost Americans can tell the difference between news reporting and opinion pieces. True FalseFalseHow was the standard of objectivity in journalism developed? Both of these As a response to the Great Depression None of these By William Randolph Hearst for his newspaper staffNone of theseDirect, opinionated political commentary is a new phenomenon that began in the late 1990s, and only came to be because of cable news networks and the 24/7 news cycle. True FalseFalse.S. journalists are no longer ethically required to be impartial or objective in political coverage, according to professional associations' codes of ethical conduct. True FalseFalseWhy has talk radio become so popular? You Answered The repeal of the Fairness Doctrine means that broadcasters do not have to air opposing views Deregulation of ownership has allowed corporate conglomerates to buy local stations and air syndicated material Both of these None of theseBoth of thesecriticism of cable news shows panels is that they: do not provide their publics with useful, intelligent information but rather uniformed opinion None of these have turned political debate into political theatre Both of theseBoth of theseWhat were the penny press newspapers of the 19th century? Newspapers based on editorial writing from political elites. Tabloid-style, cheap newspapers that became popular with the growing working and middle classes. All of these Newspapers based on subscriptions rather than daily pricesTabloid-style, cheap newspapers that became popular with the growing working and middle classes.Early photography required people to remain motionless for periods of time. True FalseTrueWhat photo(s) did Dorothea Lange capture in California? "View from the Window at Le Gras" "Valley of the Shadow of Death" "Migrant Mother" All of these"Migrant Mother"Who was Henry Luce? Someone who saw the potential of a magazine devoted to photojournalism The owner of TIME and Life magazines All of these The person who commissioned photos from some of the greatest photojournalistsAll of theseHow is photojournalism different from photography? Photojournalists do not need to adhere to journalistic standards None of these Photojournalism has only existed since the 1990s. You must be licensed to be a photojournalistNone of thesePennsylvania allows cameras in the majority of its state courts. True FalseFalseWhat is an argument for not allowing cameras in a courtroom? None of these They provide public accountability. They encourage transparency in the courtroom. They are essential to public understanding of the judicial system.None of theseThe advent of smaller, cheaper cameras meant more people had access to them and could take photos. True FalseTrueInvestors are increasingly seeing the purchase of local television stations as a bad business deal. True FalseFalseWhy are photography and video so influential in journalism? They can evoke emotional responses to events They are media that can influence political outcomes and processes They have the power to shock people and spur action All of theseAll of theseLocal television remains a profitable sector for investments; owning many stations can mean potential political power and influence. True FalseTrueMargaret Bourke-White worked for Life Magazine and traveled the world as a photojournalist. True FalseTrueOne reason for not allowing cameras in courtrooms is that juries may be distracted. True FalseTrueWhich is true of the series "Country Doctor"? None of these It provided a window into a little known aspect of country life: The life of the doctor in rural America Both of these It told a story through a series of photographsBoth of theseWho was a famous wartime photojournalist in the 20th century? Margaret Bourke-White All of these Joe Rosenthal Robert CapaAll of theseWith more accessible smartphone technologies and increasing availability of digital media, more people could become citizen journalists. True FalseTrue