Active Shooter/Building Search Test Study Guide

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T/F During an Active Shooter scenario we push toward the threat
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CONDITION YELLOW-state of vigilance -cognizant of threat warnings/danger possibilities This is where we should be while on patrolCONDITION ORANGE-state of alarm and threat assessment What happens next in orange depends on your relative: training, experience, common sense, and education Remember--being startled is UNACCEPTABLECONDITION RED-a response is necessary to protect yourself or others -what appears to be wrong is definitely wrong *Make decisions based on the severity of the threat Never overreact!CONDITION BLACK-overpowering fear -go into a frenzy and attack indiscriminately -lose your mind!T/F The objective to a building search is to locate perpetrators and minimize the risk of injury or death...TRUEFatal Funnel:Any structure, such as a hallway or doorway, which condenses and exposes officers to enemy fire without the availability of viable cover options Basically, any place that makes someone a sitting duck until they're out of it2 Acknowledged Methods of Movement during a Building Search1 Coordinated 2 DiagonalList 3 Methods for Glancing into a Room/Unknown area1 Quick Peek 2 Mirror Technique 3 Slicing the PieKno G.O 2002-01AActive Shooter...Read It!What condition should you be in while out on patrol?Condition YellerT/F Before entering a room officers must be on either side of the doorFALSEA _________________ is the safest way to conduct a building search.SAFE APPROACHWhat's the 1st thing to do before conducting a building search?Formulate a tactical PLANObjective to any building search:-locate suspect(s) -minimize risk of injury/death to police and offender(s)List 4 Pieces of Equipment:1 Radio 2 Flashlight 3 Weapon 4 HandcuffsList the 4 Entry Techniques:1 X pattern (not in use) 2 Reverse X (don't use) 3 Diagonal 4 Wrap Around/Button Hook (best method for point man esp. when followed by a Flare)