Uncle Tom's Cabin
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Election of Abraham LincolnAbraham Lincoln was an abolitionist and several southern states threatened to leave if he was elected in 1860.Frederick Douglassabolitionist who escaped slavery; founded the North Star (an abolitionist newspaper); also worked for women's rightsCompromise of 1850brought California into the Union as a free state and permitted Utah and New Mexico to be slave territories; included the abolition of the slave trade in Washington DC and put in place the Fugitive Slave LawUS Constitutionmade compromises on the issue of slavery in regards to how to count them in terms of population and when to end the importation of slavesNat Turner's RebellionRebellion in which one slave led a group of slaves through Virginia in an unsuccessful attempt to overthrow and kill planter families- resulted in harsh slave codes being passedUnderground Railroada system of secret routes used by escaping slaves to reach freedom in the North or in CanadaHarriet TubmanFormer slave who helped slaves escape on the Underground RailroadElection of 1860the democratic party split, Lincoln was elected presidentSouth CarolinaThe first state to succeed from the union after the election of Lincoln.

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