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The component that is designed to hold the fluid not currently in use in a hydraulic system.
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What is a machined or fabricated machine element used to distribute hydraulic system fluid.ManifoldThis serves as a way that the ends of an individual conductor are attached to other conductors or other system components.FittingsHose ends are generally available in two styles reusable and ____PermanentWhat is the type of end on a hose that has a check valve built into it?Quick disconnectA hose with the threads on the outside of the ends is said to have what kind of threads?MaleA hose with the threads on the inside of the ends is said to have what kind of threads?FemaleA pipe wall thickness is classified by what term ?ScheduleAir is made up of approximately ________ nitrogen.78.09%When air is compressed, the volume of the air decreases, and the pressure _______.increaseA _________ drives the compressor air unit.Prime moverUsing a number of compressor units to increase pressure in small increments is called _____.stagingIn a typical pneumatic system, the air is also the carrier for what necessary product?LubricantCompressed air containing an excessive amount of water vapor results in water forming in the distribution lines. This water may be collected by the use of ______ placed in strategic locations in the distribution lines.drain legWhat is an unwanted by-product of the compression of air?HeatA sealed fixed volume chamber that holds the compressed air until needed by the pneumatic system is called aReceiver