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All the questions i got from the review game. Its not all of them but a good majority of them!

What are the 4 areas of life that all religions try to answer?

Origin, meaning, morality, destiny

Is denial of God chiefly a matter of your will or intellect?


The 4 areas of life that all religions try to answer must C______.


Faith is not a blind leap but an i____ t____.

informed trust

Where in the bible is the great commission found?

Matthew 28:11-12

What is atheism in Greek?

Atheos: A-no Theos-God

Just know this: unbelief is a sin but doubt is not a sin

Just know this: unbelief is a sin but doubt is not a sin

What is the Eastern belief that all is one divine and unified?


What does agnostic mean.

Lacking knowledge

Anti____ is a problem in the church today.


In existentialism what ____ ____ comes before ____ ____.

you do, who you are

____ and the feeling and emotions that come with this are important to existentialists.


What are the 3 challenges for Christianity that came from Europe.

Darwinism, German Scholars criticizing the bible, European scholars criticizing God

what are the 2 types of revelation.

Special, General

One example of each type of revelation.

Special- Bible
General- seen through universe or nature

What are 2 questions that come from general revelation.

What does God require of me, What gods

If someone replies to your witnessing by saying ___ then you know you did it wrong.

I don't need this god you speak of, thanks anyways

We must emphasis Christianity's t____ before emphasizing its benefits.


When a statement cant meet its own requirements to be valid then the statements is _____ _____.

Self Defeating

Give 2 of 4 synonymous of a person who believes nothing can exist if it cant be discovered with your 5 senses. Or something along those lines

materialism, naturalism, physicalism and imperialism

____+____+_____= evolution.

Time, Chance, Matter

What are 3 ideas that we discussed that are implicitly believed when....someone dis questioning Gods existance? Im not sure exactly what the question was

Not like the God in the bible, he isn't concerned with me, he must be infinitely distant.

Who is the Atheist that claimed "we must build life on unyielding despair."

Bertrand Russel

Explain the fallacy of the absolute negative.

To say you know there is no god your assuming omniscience which is self defeating because man cannot have omniscience

What is really being said when one uses luck and chance as an explanation.

They have no logical or scientific way to describe it, Chance and luck are random things happening with a good result

What is the sole purpose of a funeral ritual for a non believer.

Temporary Consiliation

Explain how the hard agnostic's claim is self defeating.

A hard Agnostic claims "I KNOW that you and I cant know about God". For this person to KNOW this he must KNOW something about God.

What does the quote from Pascal mean.

Defined death or afterlife to be able to live life accordingly

What illustration did C.S Lewis said to argue that randomness (evolution) cannot be the basis of our life.

Milk spill, Scrabble, Computer put together with random parts, Alphabet soup

All i got was the answer for this one. Again if you know the question then message me somehow

For the preservation of the favored races and the struggle for survival.

2 of 3 critiques of scientism.

Things have to be assumed to believe in scientific method, Science cant be put in the scientific method.

Jesus summed OT with 2 commands

Love God and Love others

Psalm 19:1-2 says...

We known God exists by looking at the universe

T/F Romans 3:18-21 expresses that we all have knowledge of a god but we suppress this knowledge.

False Romans 1

Most teen respond to an argument about there faith by.


Most adults respond to an argument about there faith by.


Why are equality and tolerance difficult for an Atheist to explain.

Survival of the fittest doesn't revolve around equality.

The revivals that went through America in colonial times?

The Great Awakening

The bible is concerned with what 2 parts of your approach to non believers?

Manner and message

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