Unit 5: Energy and Momentum

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what is work?
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what happens to kinetic energy when the velocity is doubled?K.E is multiplied by 4potential energystored energypotential energy equationPE=mghgravitational potential energyPotential energy that depends on the height of an objectmechanical energyKinetic or potential energy associated with the motion or position of an objectpowerthe rate at which work is donepower equationpower = work/time (watts)law of conservation of energythe law that states that energy cannot be created or destroyed but can be changed from one form to another KE1 + PE1 = KE2 + PE2momentummass in motionmomentum equationp=mv (kgm/s)conservation of momentumMomentum of a system remains constant when there are no net external forces acting on it.conservation of momentum equationm1v1i + m2v2i = m1v1f + m2v2fimpulsechange in momentumimpulse equationforce x timeFt =mvas time goes up,force goes downelastic collisionscollision where two objects bounce awayinelastic collisionObjects stick together, momentum is conserved, but some kinetic energy is lost