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Ms. Nodestine


A living thing besides a plant


A breathing "thing" that has a body divided into three parts. (thorax, head, and abdomen)


The natural environment of an organism-where an organism is usually found.


Adjusting to your surroundings in order to survive.

Life Cycle

The continuous sequence of changes an organism goes through in process of becoming a full grown adult

Food Web

A series of organisms of what they eat and what eats them


Having life; not dead; breathing, moving, blinking, adapting, evolving, ect.


never living; or something that has gone through a process to become non-living


Something that was once living (breathing, moving, adapting, evolving, ect.) but is now not doing any of those things.

Potential for life

something that could turn out to be alive; for example, an egg that hatches (when it hatches it becomes living)

Characteristics of Living Things

-made of cells, have and use energy, grow and develop/evolve, reproduce, respond and adapt to their environment

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