Bio 314 Exam 4

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Entire period between one M phase and the subsequent M phase is called
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Why does the activation of M-Cdk begin abrupt;y?Each M-Cdk complex can activate more M-CdkThe mitotic spindle begins to assemble in which phase of the cell cycle?ProphaseMicrotubules capture chromosomes by binding specifically to which of the following?Kinetochores on the sister chromatidsWhich of the following occurs during metaphase?Chromosomes being aligned under tension at the spindle equatorWhat is the contractile ring made of in animals?Actin and myosinIn dividing plant cells, a new cell wall is formed between two sets of chromosomes via a structure called a phragmoplast, which is built by vesicles largely originating from which organelle?Golgi apparatusWhen a cell is acutely injured, it usually dies by which process?NecrosisWhich of the following statements is false?The death-promoting members of the Bcl2 family include Bcl2 itselfWhich of the following statements describes how growth factors stimulate animal cell enlargement?They stimulate intracellular protein synthesisWhat is the driving force for plant cell growth?Turgor pressureWhat gives the plant cell wall its tensile strength?CelluloseFibroblasts are the major cellular component in which tissues?ConnectiveWhich feature of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) allows the extracellular matrix in cartilage to resist compression?The negative charges on GAGs attract sodium ions, which draw water into the extracellular matrix to form a water-filled gelWhat is the best description of connective tissue?All of its cells are sparsely distributed in the extracellular matrixWhich epithelial cell junctions serve to seal neighboring cells together so that water-soluble molecules cannot easily leak between them?Tight junctionsWhich is true of cadherin proteins?They link epithelial cells together by binding to similar cadherins in adjacent epithelial cellsWhich type of epithelial cell junction plays a major role in an epithelial sheet's ability to develop tension and change its shape?Adherens junctionWhat attaches epithelial cells to the basal lamina?HemidesmosomesWhich of the following are the plant equivalent of a gap junction?PlasmodesmataIn the intestine, what do Wnt proteins promote?Proliferation of the stem cells and precursor cells at the base of each intestinal cryptWhich of the following animal cell types, under appropriate conditions, can be kept proliferating indefinitely in culture and yet retain unrestricted developmental potential?Embryonic stem cellsWhat is a major problem with using foreign cells grown in culture for transplantation in humans?The host immune system would destroy such cellsWhich statement is true about stem cells?They can divide for the lifetime of the organismWhich of these human cells undergoes the most rapid turnover?Intestinal epithelial cellsWhich of the following can give rise to cancer-promoting mutations?Inhalation of tobacco smoke, exposure to excess sunlight, exposure to ionizing radiation, and DNA replication errorsMany of the genes mutated in individual tumors are involved with which of the following regulatory pathways?Pathways regulating the cell's response to DNA damage or stress and pathways governing the initiation of cell dividionMalignant cellsDo not express cadherin proteins