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  1. inveterate
  2. candor
  3. objectivity
  4. tenuous
  5. comprehensive
  1. a treating facts uninfluenced by emotion
  2. b having little substance or strength; unsure; weak
  3. c large in scope or content
  4. d long established; deep-rooted; habitual
  5. e sincerity; openness

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  1. conspicuously bad or offensive
  2. having great depth or seriousness
  3. seemingly valid or acceptable; credible
  4. unimaginative; dull
  5. doubtful; of unlikely authenticity

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  1. floriddescribing flowery or elaborate speech


  2. obstinateelaborately decorated


  3. impartialarrogantly domineering or overbearing


  4. laudatorygiving praise


  5. eclecticmade up of a variety of sources or styles


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