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  1. timorous
  2. plausible
  3. exculpate
  4. novel
  5. benevolent
  1. a to free from guilt or blame
  2. b seemingly valid or acceptable; credible
  3. c well-meaning; generous
  4. d strikingly new or unusual
  5. e timid; fearful about the future

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  1. expressing remorse for one's misdeeds
  2. elaborately decorated
  3. to consider perfect
  4. indifferent to pleasure or pain; impassive
  5. having little substance or strength; unsure; weak

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  1. imperiousnot genuine; false; counterfeit


  2. cogentmarked by painstaking effort; hard-working


  3. convictionmade up of a variety of sources or styles


  4. innovativeintroducing something new


  5. paramountof chief concern or importance