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  1. plausible
  2. spurious
  3. vindicated
  4. penitent
  5. conviction
  1. a not genuine; false; counterfeit
  2. b a fixed or strong belief
  3. c freed from blame
  4. d expressing remorse for one's misdeeds
  5. e seemingly valid or acceptable; credible

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  1. hateful; marked by deep-seated ill will
  2. sincerity; openness
  3. timid; fearful about the future
  4. strikingly new or unusual
  5. a state of uncertainty or perplexity

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  1. paramountof chief concern or importance


  2. pervasiveintroducing something new


  3. apathetichaving to do with the appreciation of beauty


  4. aesthetichaving to do with the appreciation of beauty


  5. inherentconvincing; reasonable