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Barack Obama, D

Vice President

Joe Biden, D

PA Senior US Senator

Bob Casey, D

PA Junior US Senator

Pat Toomey, R

6th District US Congressman

Jim Gerlach, R

Speaker of the House

John Boehner, R

House Majority Leader

Eric Cantor, R

House Minority Leader

Nancy Pelosi, D

Senate Majority Leader

Harry Reid, D

Senate Minority Leader

Mitch McConnell, R

White House Cheif of Staff

William Daley, D

Secretary of Homeland Security

Janet Nepolitano, D

Secretary of State

Hillary Clinton, D

Secretary of the Treasury

Timothy Geithner, D

Secretary of Defence

Leon Panetta, D

Attorney General

Eric Holder, D

Chairman of the Federal Reserve

Ben Bernanke, R

Cheif Justice of the Supreme Court

John G Roberts

Governor of Pennsylania

Tom Corbitt, R

Your State Senator

Daylin Leach, D

Lower Merion State Representative 1

Micheal Gerber, D

LM State Rep 2

Tim Briggs, D

LM State Rep 3

Pam Delissio, D

2008 Rep Pres Candidate

John McCain, R

2008 Rep VP Candidate

Sarah Palin, R

Director of National Intelligence

James Clapper

National Security Adviser

Tom Donilon, D

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