PSYCH 2000 Ch. 11 Exam

People who are competitive, super-motivated, impatient, and verbally aggressive are likely to be classified as:
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Nadiene owes the credit card company $20,000, her adjustable rate mortgage has just gone up, and she has been out of work for 3 months. Her husband of 15 years came home today to tell her he was having an affair and wants a divorce. With that last news, she collapsed and had to be taken to the emergency room. According to Hans Selye, she is in which stage of the general adaptation syndrome?
A stressor is a(n):external event that threatens or challenges us.For African Americans, the stress of racial discrimination is associated with all of the following EXCEPT:improved immune system functioning.The interdisciplinary field of _______________ integrates behavioral and medical knowledge, applying this knowledge to health and disease.behavioral medicineErin is stressed because she has a sinking feeling that she's too socially inept to make friends with any of her new classmates. Erin best illustrates the debilitating effects of:pessimism.Primates at the top of the social pecking order are less likely to contract cold-like viral infections than those with lower social status. This best illustrates the value of:perceived control.Markus' doctor suggests that he begin an aerobic exercise program in addition to the psychotherapy he is receiving for his depression. As a result, Markus will likely experience all of the following EXCEPT that he will:he will become more depressed from the stress of the exercise program.People have been found to suffer fewer health problems following the death of their spouse if they:communicate their painful feelings of loss to close friends.Which of the following is NOT true about social support?Social support provides us the ability to control our impulses.In the short run, after exercising self-control, people are less able to maintain self-control. In the long run, their self-control is ________.strengthenedThe passive resignation that accompanies an inability to avoid repeated traumatic events is called:learned helplessness.George and Margaret have been married for almost 50 years. Both are in fairly good health, which may be related to their marital relationship. Which aspect of marriage may be related to improved health?the quality of the marital relationshipJuan believes that no matter how hard he works, there is so much systemic bias against his ethnic group that he will be unable to achieve economic success. Juan's thinking most clearly demonstrates:an external locus of control.Having a view of increased personal control is related to:an increased view of having free will.Your father-in-law had a serious heart attack several weeks ago. You are especially concerned because he lives alone. After his heart attack, which of the following would increase his odds of survival?getting a dogResearch participants who received nasal drops laden with a cold virus were least likely to catch a cold if they:had positive social ties.