PSYCH 2000 Ch. 12 Exam

In Milgram's obedience experiments, "teachers" were LEAST likely to deliver the highest levels of shock when:
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Early one Halloween evening, Frank's friends asked him to join them in smashing their neighbors' decorative pumpkins. He complied. Later that night, he was surprised by his own failure to resist them when they encouraged him to throw eggs at passing police cars, for which he was caught and punished. Frank's experience best illustrates the:
Which of the following is NOT a psychological influence for aggression?high self-control____________ can be defined as any physical or verbal behavior that is intended to harm someone physically or emotionally.AggressionPeople may unconsciously harbor negative racial associations. This best illustrates the subtle nature of:implicit prejudice.Refusing to hire qualified job applicants because of the color of their skin is to engage in:discriminationIn some countries, women who have been raped have been sentenced to punishment for having violated a law against adultery. This best illustrates:the blame-the-victim phenomenon.Explicit associations are typically ________.consciousDJ does not recycle glass, metal, or plastic garbage because he thinks it is inconvenient and has minimal impact on the city's already overflowing landfills. His reaction best illustrates the dynamics of:a social trap.As Carolyn walks through a shopping mall, she happens to pass an older woman sitting on a bench clutching her arm and moaning in pain. The presence of many other shoppers in the mall will most likely increase the probability that Carolyn will:be less likely to help.The social-responsibility norm refers to the expectation that people should help those who:need help.Altruism is best described as:behaving unselfishly to enhance the welfare of others.Though neighbors heard Kitty Genovese screaming for help as she was being murdered, they failed to call the police in time to save her. This best illustrates:the bystander effect._____ is unselfish regard for the welfare of others.AltruismIn terms of the bystander effect, the best odds of our helping someone include all of the following EXCEPT:we are in a hurry.Equity and self-disclosure are important to the development of:companionate love.The excitement that lingers after a frightening event can often facilitate attraction and sexual desire. This is best explained by:the two-factor theory.