PSYCH 2000 Ch. 13 Exam

Dr. Livermore maintains that unconscious mental processes and early childhood experiences are critical in the formation of personality. Dr. Livermore's beliefs reflect the _____ perspective of personality.
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The _____________ perspective emphasizes the role of repressed childhood conflicts in personality disorders.psychoanalyticIn Freud's psychoanalytic theory, the disguised, symbolic meaning of dreams is called the __________ content.latentTina has an extremely clean dorm room and disciplined study habits. She keeps no clutter on her desk, she awakens very early to keep up with her schoolwork, and her car is spotless. Given your knowledge of her behavior, which of the following Big Five personality traits does she exhibit MOST?conscientiousnessKendra's optimism is both a contributor to and a product of her successful career accomplishments. This best illustrates:Kendra's optimism is both a contributor to and a product of her successful career accomplishments. This best illustrates:A person with very high self-esteem is more likely to _____________ than a person with low self-esteem.have few sleepless nightsMakaila tends to avoid talking with others because she fears that she will be judged harshly by them. Makaila can best be described as being:shy.The Big Five personality factors include:conscientiousness, agreeableness, neuroticism, openness, and extraversion.Learned responses are a(n) _____ influence on personality.psychologicalPeople with high self-esteem are LESS likely than those with low self-esteem to:give in to conformity pressures.Stacey feels confident in her ability to dance the part of Clara in The Nutcracker ballet. Stacey is showing a high level of:self-efficacy.According to Hans and Sybil Eysenck, the individual variation that is apparent across people can be reduced to several dimensions, including:extraversion-introversion.Medical students earn higher grades if they have a clear vision of themselves as successful doctors. This best illustrates the motivational significance of:possible selves.One of the Big Five personality factors is:agreeablenessWhen Marla noticed she was wearing mismatched socks, she overestimated the extent to which others would also notice. Her reaction best illustrates:the spotlight effect.Nadine is a worrier. She worries about her family, her friends, and herself. She is particularly aware of potential hazards in the environment, and she sees the world as a dangerous place. Her personality is shaped by how she interprets and reacts to events. Albert Bandura called this process:reciprocal determinism.