chapter 12

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An American extremist religion that proclaims white supremacy. Adherents believe that white Protestants of Western European origin are the true descendants of the ancient Israelites. Believers contend that Jews were spawned by Satan and that nonwhites evolved from animals. Ac- cording to this belief, white men, women, children are the only people created in the image of God.
A religion that incorporates the ancient Norse gods in a hierarchy under the Christian triune deity, although many adherents simply abandon Christianity. Some law enforcement agencies refer to the movement as Odinism, but the ancient Norse religion is not part of violent right-wing extremist movements. Some analysts refer to the movement as neopaganism.
Ben Klassen(1918-1993) The founder of the Creativity Movement.Knight RidersThe first terrorists of the Ku Klux Klan. Donning hoodsand riding at night, they sought to keep newly freed slaves from participating in government and society.Sovereign CitizensPeople who believe that they are not subject to the laws and regulations of the United States. They self-declare that they are individually free of driver's licenses, car registrations, and tax laws. They frequently hold their own legal proceedings and issue orders that have no binding legal authority.Moorish NationAn African American group that does not recognize the validity of the U.S. government.paper terrorismUses false documents to clog legal, financial, or bureaucratic processes.New World OrderA phrase used by President George H. W. Bush to describe the world after the fall of the Soviet Union. Conspiracy theorists use the phrase to describe what they believe to be Jewish attempts to gain control of the international monetary system and, subsequently, to take over the U.S. government.National AllianceThe white supremacist organization founded by the late William Pierce in Hillsboro, West Virginia. The group has faded, but its influence on small groups and lone wolves remains.Robert Matthews(1953- 1984) The leader of The Order who was killed in a shoot-out with the FBI.Brüder SchweigenGerman for "silent brothers." The name is used by two violent right-wing extremist groups, Brüder Schweigen and Brüder Schweigen Strike Force II. The late Robert Miles, leader of the Mountain Church of Jesus in Michigan, penned an article about the struggle for white supremacy, "When All of the Brothers Struggle." Miles' article inspired leaders in the two groups to use the name Brüder Schweigen.Eric Rudolph(b. 1966)A right-wing extremist known for bombing the Atlanta Olympics, a gay nightclub, and an abortion clinic. Rudolph hid from authorities and became a survivalist hero. He was arrested in 2003 and received five life sentences in 2005.John Walker Lindh(b. 1981) An American captured while fighting for the Taliban in 2001 and sentenced to 20 years in prison.Adam Gadahn(1958-2015) The Ameri- can spokesperson for al Qaeda. His nom de guerre was Azzam al Ameriki. He was killed by a drone strike in January 2015.