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  1. Model Organisms
  2. 3 Domains of Life
  3. Cells are small because...(2)
  4. Eucaryote = true nucleus
    -Larger than procarote
    -membrane bound organelles
  1. a Archaea, Bacteria, Eukarya
  2. b Surface/volume ratio:volume increases faster than surface area.
    Nucleus(the brain): can only control certain amount of active cytoplasm.
  3. c E. Coli., brewers yeast, Arabidopsis, fly, mouse, fish, worm, human
    Easy to grow
  4. d ...

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  1. Facilitate the chemical RXN involving hydrogen peroxide
    -can generate/degrade hydrogen peroxide
  2. Packages/modifies molecules received from ER then transports
  3. ...
  4. Irregular maze of interconnected spaces enclosed by a membrane that transports material through-out the cell
    -Smooth ER:synthesis of lipids, carbs., steroids
    -Rough ER: protein synthesis through ribosomes
  5. Replication--->Transcription--->Translation

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  1. NucleusEnclosed in the nuclear envelope, contains most of the cells molecules of DNA that later condense into chromosomes as a cell prepares to divide.


  2. Procaryotes Vs. EucaryotesContain Bacteria/Archaea


  3. Bacteria can be non-pathogenic, photoautotrophic, or pathogenic procaryotesNo nucleus
    DNA-one circular chromosome
    DNA not associated with histones
    No membrane enclosed organelles
    Divide by binary fission

    DNA enclosed in nucleus, multiple linear chromosomes DNA associated with histones,non-histone proteins
    Membrane enclosed organelles
    Require mechanisms


  4. MitochondriaProtein synthesis


  5. CytoplasmConsists of cytosol--->jelly-like mixture
    Consists of organelles