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In the late 1880s, the world's richest woman was also the stingyest. Although she had millions of dollars, she dressed as if she lived on the street. She lived like a pauper. Hetty Green learned to red stock reports as a child. She read the financial news to her rich father. When he passed away, she inherited one million dollars. Over the next 50 years of life, she skillfuly traded stocks and bonds. Her fortune grew to nearly 100 million dollars. Hetty Green's clever tradeing earned her the nickname "The Witch of Wall Street." Hetty Green was highly skilled at trading stocks and bonds. She also invested in real estate. The other financial tycoons of her time, such as J. P. Morgan and Jay Gould, were no match for her financial abilitys. Although Green was a genus at making money, she became more famous for her hatred of spending money. At the age of 33, Green marryed another millionaire. He then went bankrupt due to bad investments. Green and her husband separated. Even through she had massive wealth, she and her two children lived as though they did not. They moved from one cheap hotel to the next. Green did this so she would not have to pay personal property taxs. She was to cheap to pay rent for an office. Instead, she used her bank's building as her office. Sometimes, she would even sit in the bank's vault and stare at her money. The bank had to let her do what she wanted. The bank's managers did not want her to withdraw her money.