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common noun

a noun that denotes any or all members of a class or group of persons, places, things, or ideas

proper noun

a noun that denotes a particular or specific person, place, thing or idea; always capitalized

abstract noun

names ideas, qualities, or feelings that cannot be seen or touched

concrete noun

names a person, place, or thing that can be perceived by one or more of the senses

compound noun

single noun formed from two or more words

collective noun

a noun takes a singular verb but refers to a group of people, creatures, or things

abstract noun

examples: loyalty, compassion, intelligence, curiosity, health, grace, bravery

concrete noun

examples: pizza, kitten, diamond, clock, car...

common noun

examples: pilot, city, park, boy, girl, teacher, parent

collective noun

examples: flock, herd, pack, army, committee, staff, crowd, team, class, group, club, jury (some depend on what is being referring to)

compound noun

examples: doghouse, basketball, rattlesnake, thunderhead, spark plug, whiteboard, fireman, sailboat, coffee table

proper noun

examples: Amelia Earhart, Nike, Chicago, Katmai National Park

possessive noun

noun that shows ownership, possession or relationship

possessive noun

a noun that shows ownership, uses an apostrophe, and functions as an adjective for a noun that follows it


The TEAM is waiting to play. (common/concrete, proper, abstract, collective, or compound?)

possessive noun

Jerry's cat, Tom's hat, Susie's bicycle


How big is SEATTLE? (common/concrete, proper, abstract, collective, or compound?)


Don't eat the TOADSTOOLS. (common/concrete, proper, abstract, collective, or compound?)


The GAGGLE of geese is walking across the soccer field. (common/concrete, proper, abstract, collective, or compound?)


PATIENCE is waiting for ketchup to trickle out.


The GIRLS ran sprints on the field hockey field.


The girls ran sprints on the field hockey FIELD.


Which is the abstract noun? curious, curiously, curiosity


Which is the abstract noun? courageously, courage, courageous, encourage


Which is the abstract noun? happiness, happily, happy


Which is the abstract noun? confide, confidence, confident, confidently

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