The hair should be uniformly wet or dry when cutting the ensure:
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A travelling guideline:moves through the cutWhat degree of elevation does graduation start and finish?1-89The three primary sectioning lines used during a cut are vertical, horizontal, and:diagonalYou should never cut past your second knuckle because:you will cut yourself and it creates uneven tension (both A&B)What are the three points on the head that you should check before starting a haircut?nape, crown, and hairlineWhat is the primary use for clippers?to make the hair at the nape and sides shortBoth your guest's, and your body position is important because:you want the cut to be balancedThe amount of elevation from the head is measured in:degreesface shape, where you want the weight line to sit, and how much length they want to loseWhat determines the first cut length for triangular layers?The three tools that are used to remove weight are scissors, thinning shears and:razorProper scissor handling will prevent:cutting yourselfA stable guide that does not move is also known as a _______ guide:stationaryWhere do you stand when cutting a triangular layer?at the backWhat will a layered cut achieve?remove weight and create cornersWhat is the correct arm position for a one length?holding arms downWhat are the primary cut shapes?round, square and triangularWhat are the three primary cut techniques?layers, graduation and one lengthAngled upward is a term your guest may use to describe:graduationIt is a technique of drawing a representation of something on a flat surface so that it appears to have depth and distancePerspectiveDimension refers to the properties of an object in terms of height, width and depth. Looking at an object from both vertical and horizontal perspective.Dimensionelevation is lifting the hair from its natural fall or position on the headDescribe elevation as it pertains to haircuttingweight is distributed up or down depending on elevation. It can also be distributed backwards or forward depending on directionDistribution fo weightHow many principals are there in the Aveda haircutting system?6uses 0 or minimal elevation and keeps maximum weight at the bottom of the haircut. All lengths finish at the same planeone lengthWhen cutting a triangular shape your your distribution of weight will be:forwardWhich part of the body is elevation controlled by?armsThe lunge position is primarily used in what haircut?one length above the shoulderPalm to palm upper body position is primarily used when cutting:graduationHow many lower body body positions are there?5