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Anything with the potential to cause a stress reaction.


Stress that results in positive consequences


Stress that results in negative consequences

Walter Cannon

Twentieth Century Physiologist who first identified the "Fight or Flight" response

Hans Selye

Discovered that regardless of the source of the stress, the body reacts in the same manner... GAS

General Adaptation Syndrome

The body's total effort to cope with stress and adapt to it.

3 phases of stress reactivity

Alarm reaction, Resistance, Exhaustion

Alarm reaction

body shows changes characteristic of the first exposure to stress


stress products build up, but the body's physiology adapts by resisting the effects of the stress products. Signs of the alarm response disappear


after long-term exposure to stressors, the resistance energy is used up. Signs of the Alarm stage reappear (irreversible), and the individual dies

Theories explain stress causes

Life Events Theory, Hardiness Theory, Social Support Theory

Life events theory

situation requires more resources than are available

Hardiness theory

one's attitude toward the events determines stress

Social Support Theory

insufficient social support for responding to event

Types of stressors

biological, psychological, sociological, philosophical

Symbolic stressors

non-life threatening stressors for which the Flight or Fight response would be inappropriate

Potential for illness

duration**(more imp) and degree of one's physiological reaction to a stressor determines...

What is stress?

stressor + reactivity to that stressor

Pressue - Adaptability

= stress


stress should be used as a _________ for peak performance


limit __________ effects

developing the relaxation response

Goal for stress management?

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