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Lab 3D - Aerobic Tests

learn the basis and technique involved in administering the YMCA Cycle Ergometer Test, Astrand-Ryhming and Bruce Treadmill Test for estimating Aerobic capacity/power.
Aerobic is
with oxygen
For Muscles to be supplied with increased oxygen these must occur
1) increased cardiac output
2) increased ventilation
3) a diversion of a greater proportion of the cardiac output to the active muscles.
Cardiac Output
the amount of blood pumped by the heart each minutes, is usually expressed as liters/minutes
Cardiac output =
Stroke Volume
the amount of blood pumped per beat of the heart
SV x HR x A-VO2 difference
A-VO2 difference
the difference between the amount of O2 extracted or consumed by the muscles and body(arterial minus venous blood O2 difference).
The YMCA and Astrand-Ryhming cycle test and Bruce Treadmill Test can be used as a test of___
Physical Work Capacity (PWC) or cardiorespiratory fitness and can be used to ESTIMATE maxVO2
Tests are based on the following
1) as cardiorespiratory fitness increases, heart rate at a given sub-maximal workload decreases
2) the higher cardiorespiratory fitness results in a higher max VO2
Tests used to estimate maxVO2 include:
step-bench tests, the 9 and 12-min run tests and 1 to 1.5 mile run tests.
Maximal Oxygen Uptake(VO2max) estimates in
Liters per minute (l/min) for the Astrand-Ryhming Test
Heart Rate vs Work Load.
Age Correction
YMCA Cylce Test
Can be used to predict VO2 based on the linear relationship between HR and work rate (VO2) at a heart rate over 110
mustextrapolate HR-work rate relationship out to max HR
Cycle at____ RPM
1st Workload = _______
150 kgm = 0.5 kp
Each stage lasts ________
3 minutes
Take heart rate during the last ______
2 min of each stage
Heart rates during last 2 min of each stage should be within __ beats of each other, if not add 1 additional minute
Complete ____one work stage past the stage where a HR of 110 was reached
Draw line through HRs starting at
ml/kg/min =
(L/min x 1000)/body wt in kg
___min stages