Phlebotomy Tubes for NHA Exam


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Lavendar Top Tube Additive
Contains the anticoagulant ethylenediaminetetraacetic acide (EDTA). EDTA inhibits coagulation by binding to the calcium present in the specimen. Tubes must be filled at least 2/3 full and inverted 8x.
Lavendar Top Tube Tests
CBC, H&H, ESR, Sickle Cell Screening
Light-Blue Top Tube Additive
Contains the anticoagulant Sodium Citrate, which prevents coagulation by binding to the calcium in the specimen. Sodium Citrate preserves the coagulation factors. Must be completely filled and inverted 3-4x
Light-Blue Top Tests
PT, APTT (or PTT), Fibrinogen Degradation Products (FDP), Thrombin Time (TT), Factor assays, Bleeding Time (BT)
Green Top Tube Additive
Contains anticoagulant Heparin combined with sodium, lithium, or ammoniumion. Heparin works by inhibiting thrombin in the coagulation cascade. It is not used for hematology because heparin interes with the Wright's stained blood smear. Invert 8x
Gray Top Tube Additive
Contains additives and anticoagulants. All gray top tubes contain glucose preservative. Invert 8x
Gray Top Tube Test
Fasting blood sugar (FBS), glucose tolerance test (GTT), blood alcohol levels, Lactic acid measurements
Red/Gray (speckled) Top Tube Additive
Also called tiger top and serum separator tubes (SST). Contain clot activators: glass particles, silica, and celite and thixotropic gel a serum separator. Invert 5x
Red/Gray (speckled) Top Tube Test
Most chemistry tests
Red Top Tube Additive
aka plain vacuum tube. Contains NO additive or anticoagulant. No need to invert.
Red Top Tube Test
Serum chemistry test, serology tests, blood bank
Yellow Top Tube Additive
Contains the anticoagulant sodium polyanetholesulfonate (SPS). Used to collect specimens to be cultured. Must used strict sterile technique Invert 8x
Pink Top Tube Additive
Potassium EDTA.
Pink Top Tube Test
Blood bank, immunohematology