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  1. Article 3
  2. what was created to enforce laws set by congress?
  3. Article 4
  4. amendment 20
  5. what is jurisdiction
  1. a Relations of states to one another and to the national government
  2. b The Judiciary branch
  3. c "lame duck" amendment
    Section 1: short length of time between election and inauguration
    Section 2: new congress session begins on Jan 3, President- Jan 20
    Section 3: VP takes office if president dies before inauguration
  4. d vague constitutional power
    power open to interpretation
  5. e authority

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  1. george washington- 1789
  2. election of president and vp
    changes article 2, section 1, clause 3
    states that voters are to cast separate ballots for pres. and vp
  3. u.s. laws, constitution, treaties, maritime issues, and bankruptcy
  4. starts- "sitting back"
  5. amending the constitution- 1 section

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  1. amendment 25presidential disability and succession
    replacing president and VP
    replacing president with consent
    replacing president without consent


  2. Article 1amending the constitution- 1 section


  3. Article 4 section 3powers granted to congress- Enumerated/expressed powers


  4. what are the 5 purposes of the constitution?1. establish legitimacy
    2. create appropriate structures
    3. describe and distribute power
    4. limit gov't powers
    5. allow for change


  5. amendment 14rights of citizens
    personalized southern sates that refused to grant all citizens the right to vote
    kept confed. leaders from serving in gov't
    war debts


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