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  1. Article 7
  2. amendment 6
  3. how many alabama state senators?
    how many alabama reps?
  4. marbury vs. madison
  5. Article 1 Section 2
  1. a Ratification
    Section 1:
    approval of 9/13 states
    39/55 signatures
  2. b right to a speedy and fair trial
    impartial jury
    evidence is presented
    witnesses from both sides
    gov't must provide a lawyer
  3. c house of representatives
  4. d 2
  5. e judicial review- supreme court supports congress until proven in their mind that it violates constitution

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  1. New states
    A. admission
    B. congressional authority
  2. The Bill of rights
  3. Senate
  4. 13,14,15
  5. bearing arms (1791)
    - does not specifically say you as a citizen can bear arms

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  1. article 2 section 2powers of the president
    A. Military powers- president is commander in chief, can require opinion of Executive departments, can grant pardons & reprieves except in the case of impeachment
    B. treaties, appointments
    C. vacancies


  2. # of bills introduced in 179511,000+


  3. who has ability to change laws?
    somewhat vague
    article 2
    article 3


  4. Article 2 section 4guarantees to states


  5. amendment 15election of president and vp
    changes article 2, section 1, clause 3
    states that voters are to cast separate ballots for pres. and vp