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  1. expressed powers
  2. The language "The Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation" is used in what amendments?
  3. 1st pres. under constitution
  4. Amendment 2
  5. amendment 5
  1. a bearing arms (1791)
    - does not specifically say you as a citizen can bear arms
  2. b enumerated powers- powers directly stated in the constitution in article 1 section 8. 18 total- 5 with economic legislation, 7 provide for defense
  3. c george washington- 1789
  4. d 8,14,15,18,19,23,24,26
  5. e rights of accused persons
    person must be indicted by jury
    double jeaprody
    military law
    martial law
    person can refuse to answer q's that may incrimminate them

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  1. The Judiciary branch
  2. president electors for D.C.
    people in DC now had right to vote
    (was 535 before this amend, now 538 electoral votes)
  3. due to lack of central authority in Articles of Confederation
  4. 11,000+
  5. limit on presidential terms
    pres. can only serve 2 terms (after FDR)

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  1. Article 5amending the constitution- 1 section


  2. amendment 11powers reserved to the states
    people are protected from the gov't
    people and states retain all power except for those specified


  3. how many times has constitution been amended?1. 2/3 vote of both houses of congress (290 h.o.p.) (67 senate)
    2. 2/3 states must call national convention (34 states)


  4. amendment 2618 years old to vote
    previously 21 years to vote
    vietnam played large role


  5. what do federal courts hear?u.s. laws, constitution, treaties, maritime issues, and bankruptcy