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  1. amendment 18
  2. who has ability to change laws?
    somewhat vague
  3. expressed powers
  4. who was the power to declare war?
  5. what are 2 methods for ratifying?
  1. a prohibition of alcoholic beverages
  2. b enumerated powers- powers directly stated in the constitution in article 1 section 8. 18 total- 5 with economic legislation, 7 provide for defense
  3. c legislative branch
  4. d 1. legislatures in 75% of states ratify amendment (38 state legislatures)
    2. each state call ratifying convention or "constitutional convention" (3/4 conventions approve-38)
  5. e congress
    article 2
    article 3

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  1. 1992
  2. Article 1 Section 8, "necessary and proper"
    strict interpretation vs. broad interpretation
  3. The Bill of rights
  4. restraint on congress salaries
    any increase in salaries of members of congress will take place in the next session of congress
  5. - searches and seizure (1791)
    - protects privacy
    - must be a reasonable cause for search
    - evidence seized illegaly cannot be used in court

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  1. amendment 26repeal of prohibition
    only amendment to be ratified by state conventions rather than legislature
    nullified 18th amendment


  2. why was presidency initiated?authority


  3. The language "The Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation" is used in what amendments?vague constitutional power
    power open to interpretation


  4. # of bills introduced in 1795167


  5. amendment 22limit on presidential terms
    pres. can only serve 2 terms (after FDR)