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  1. Article 7
  2. amendment 15
  3. marbury vs. madison
  4. impeach
  5. how many alabama state senators?
    how many alabama reps?
  1. a judicial review- supreme court supports congress until proven in their mind that it violates constitution
  2. b Ratification
    Section 1:
    approval of 9/13 states
    39/55 signatures
  3. c right to vote
    no longer left to states
    poll taxes still paid in some places
    congress was given power to reinforce amendment by legislation
  4. d accuse (ex. Johnson, Nixon, and Clinton)
  5. e 2

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  1. civil suits
    $20 amendment
    jury trial is provided for in civil case
  2. abolition of slavery
    act which ended slavery
    prohibits the binding of a person to service due to debt
    cong. had power to enforce by legislation
  3. restraint on congress salaries
    any increase in salaries of members of congress will take place in the next session of congress
  4. supreme court involved in cases
  5. freedom of religion, speech, press, and assembly (1791)
    protects civil liberties of individ. citizens

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  1. What does the preamble do?Accuses NOT kicked out
    begins: h.o.p
    goes to trial
    ex. Bill Clinton and Andrew Johnson and Richard Nixon all impeached. Nixon only one who left office before verdict reached. others remained


  2. what is jurisdictionimpeachment


  3. who has ability to change laws?
    somewhat vague


  4. Article 1 Section 1creates congress- splits legislature into 2 houses


  5. Judicial restraintbecomes- ability to decide if something's constitutional