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me afeito

I shave

me afeito las piernas

I shave my legs

me afeito la barba

I shave my beard

me baño

I take a bath; I bathe

me canso

I get tired

me cepillo los dientes

I brush my teeth

me cepillo el cabello

I brush my hair

me descanso

me relajo; I rest

me despierto tarde

I wake up late

me despierto temprano

I wake up early

me divierto

I have a good time!

me duermo

I fall asleep


I sleep

me ducho

I take a shower; I shower

me entreno

I train, I work out

me estiro

I stretch

me voy

= salgo; I leave

voy a la cama

I go to bed

me acuesto

I lay down

me lastimo

I hurt myself; I get hurt

me lavo las manos

I wash my hands

me lavo el cabello

I wash my hair

me levanto

I get up

me mantengo

I maintain (myself) = I stay in shape

me maquillo

I make myself up with make up

me miro en el espejo

I look at myself in the mirror

me peino

I comb my hair

me peso

I weigh myself

me pongo la ropa

I put on my clothes

me quito las piyamas

I take off my pjs

me relajo

I relax

me rompo el pie

I break my foot

me rompo el brazo

I break my arm

me rompo la pierna

I break my leg

me seco el cabello

I dry my hair

la secadora

the (hair) dryer

la toalla

the towel

me tuerzo la muñeca

I twist my wrist

me tuerzo el tobillo

I twist my ankle

me visto

I get dressed

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