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f biology.

The large molecules of all living things fall into four main classes. NAme them.

Carbohydrates, lipids, proteins,& nucleic acids.

What 3 classes of large molecules are macromolecules?

Carbohydrates, proteins, and nucleic acids.

Monomers are hte building block of what?

Of polymers.

Monomers ar econnected on of reaction? what occurs in the reaction?

Condensation/dehydration. Water is lost wen bind is formed.

Polymers are converted to monomers in what type of reaction?


Hydor means-
Lysis means-


when two monomers are joined what molecule is always removed?

H2O. (water)

What are the monomers of all carbohydrates?


C=O is what?
-OH is what?


What is the difference between Aldehyde and Ketone sugars?

Aldehyde is at the end, Ketone is in the middle.

WHat are compunds that have the same molecular formulas but different structural formulas?


Maltose is formed by which two monosaccharides? Found where?

Glucose & Glucose.
Malt sugar.

Sucrose is formed from which two monosacchardies Found where?

Glucose & Fructose.
Table Sugar

Lactose if formed by what two monosaccharides? Found where?

Fluctose & Galactose.
Mill sugar

What is glycosidic acid?

A covalent bond formed between two monosaccharides be a dehydration reaction.

Why can you not digest cellulose? What organisims can?

Enzymes can't hydrolize. Procaryotes can.

What is a storage polysacchardie produced be vertebrates & is stored in your liver?


Glucose + _______ = Sucrose


Monnosaccharides commonly called "fruit sugars"


What characteristic do all lipids share?

mix poorly with water

Name two unsaturated fats?

Olive oil & cod liver oil

Why ar many unsaturated fats liquid at room temperature?

Kinks caused by -cis ouble bonded prevent molecules from packing tightly.

Four main functions of fats.

Energy storage. Cushions Organs. Insulates body. Stores for a long time.

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