What is the study of heredity and the variation of inherited characteristics?
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The entire genomic sequence is assembled by powerful computer programs in this typewhole genome shotgun approachThis is a specific site in the genome where the DNA base varies in at least 1% of the population.SNPsSNPs located near each other in the genome are often inherited together and can often be grouped as a _______haplotypeWhat is a sequence of SNP patterns along the length of a chromosome?haplotypeWhat is a widely prescribed anti-coagulant with greater than 10-fold inter-individual variability in the dose required to attain a therapeutic response.WarfarinHow do you control/regulate the spread of use of your genetic information? Is the information going to make life simpler or more complex? Who has access to your genetic information? These questions are all...ethical questions regarding genomicsWhat does GINA stand for?Genetic Information Nondiscrimination ActHealth insurance companies cannot decrease coverage or increase rates based on results of genetic test as a result of this act? Also that employers cannot discriminate based on the results.GINA