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By the 1560's, Spain's main policy in North America was to

Prevent other European states from establishing bases there, which could threaten Spain's power

Which of the following statements most accurately characterizes Native Americans' response to enforced Christianizing in the Spanish Franciscan missions during the seventeenth century?

They tolerated the teachings of the missionaries, but secretly turned o their traditional dieties when distaster struck their communities.

In contrast to the Spanish missionaries, the French Jesuits

Tried to understand the Indian's values and world view

Which of the following statements most accurately characterizes the goals of the Dutch in establishing settlements in North America?

Commerce rather than conversion was the chief aim of the Dutch in the New World

The early seventeenth- century English Settlement in Virginia was at first a

Corporate colony with many investors

During their first couple of year in Jamestown colony, the English migrants

Suffered from diseases that killed more than half the population

Lord Baltimore, the proprietor of Maryland, established that colony as a haven for

Catholics, but ordered toleration for protestants

In early Virginia and Maryland, indentured servants

Could hope to gain property and better status if they survived to the end of their indentured term

Which of the following statements most accurately describes Africans in Virginia after the 1660's?

Africans found themselves more entrenched in slavery as a permanent condition

Bacon's Rebellion

Showed how dissatisfied the western settlers of Virginia had become with the emerging planter-merchant elite

Bacon's Rebellion contributed to the rise of slavery in the Chesapeake region

By convincing the landholding elite that the presence of a large white indentured servants were dangerous and that colonies' labor needs should be met by black slaves

When they settled in the New World, the puritans

Pictured themselves as a select few chosen by God to preserve true Christianity in America

One reason why Massachusetts Bay Puritans banished Roger Williams was that he

Questioned the morality and legality of the English seizure of the native people's land

Puritans magistrates were angry with Anne Hutchinson because she

Claimed that believers received direct revelation from God

The majority of persons arrested on charges of witchcraft in Salem

Were woman

The largest landholdings in the seventeenth-century New England towns belonged to the wealthier or more influential families chiefly because

Men of higher social status tended to receive the largest land allotments from their towns

The Pequots were the Native American tribe that

Attacked New England Puritans and was almost exterminated by the settlers in a surprise attack

The puritans believed that Native Americans

Had been placed in America by "the devil" to prevent the spread of the Gospel

Metacom's (king Philip's) rebellion of 1675- 1676 resulted in the

Death of about 25% of the tribal population

As a result of fur trade, most Indian tribes of the North American interior

Were eager to control it in order to obtain European Goods

Which of the following statements most accurately characterizes the settlement of North and South Carolina?

The proprietors planned to set up a feudal type of government, but this plan failed

Late seventeenth- century Quakers were

Believers in a "inner light" of grace or understanding given by God to each man and woman

While the following statements most accurately describes the change in English economic philosophy toward the colonies beginning in the 1650's?

No longer content with a favorable balance of trade with European countries, the English government was determined to regulate trade with the colonies

Which of the following statements most accurately characterizes slavery in the Chesapeake by the mid-eighteenth century?

Most slaves were born in North America

After the Stono Rebellion, South Carolina planters

Imported fewer Africans

Which of the following changes occurred in white society in the Chesapeake colonies at the same time that slavery was being forced on Africans?

The social hierarchy characterized by strict patriarchy and class structure hardened

From 1667 to 1750, the Virginia gentry

Urged even small landholders to purchase slaves and thus support the slave system

Which of the following statements most accurately characterizes the changes in colonial politics in the early eighteenth century?

The royal governors remained powerful, but the political authority of local leaders and Assemblies greatly increased

The British policy of "salutary neglect" of the American colonies in the early eighteenth century meant

Relaxing supervision of the colonies' internal affairs while concentrating of the defense and trade policies

War broke out between England and Spain in the late 1730's because

Spain was angry over the English settlement of Georgia

In general, the merchantilist policies pursued by the British government during the eighteenth century called for American colonies to produce

Agricultural goods and raw materials

The molasses Act was significant in that it

Touched off political clashes between Britain and the colonies, foreshadowing a new era of imperial control

American merchan'ts reaction to the Molasses Acto fo 1733 was to

ignore it and continue to import shiploads of French molasses

Which of the following statements most accurately characterizes the colonial currency problems of the early and mid- eighteenth century

The lack of currency in the colonies led New England states to issue paper money, which English Creditors increasingly refused to accept

In his Two Treaties on Government, John Locke

Stated that a government derives its legitimacy from the consent of the governed

Most colonists' reaction to the Navigation Acts was to

resent and resist the trade restrictions

As a result of the Glorious Revolution in Englandm King Willia and Queen Mary

accepted a bill of rights and a limited monarchy

During the colonial wars of the first half of the 18th century, th eIroquoes and their allies

adoped a policy of neutrality, exploiting the opportunities for trade with both France and Britain

When the EArly 18th centry Anglo-French wars temporarily ended with the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713, Britain had

won a major territorial and commerical gains, Including Newfoundland, acadia, and the Hudson Bay region, as well as access to the Western Indian Trade

The experiance of West Africans on the Middle Passage to slavery in Americas includes

widespread disease, malnutrition, and death

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