Module 7 (Units 18 & 19) Conceptual

_____: performed for any patient with suspicion of knee OA
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_____: clear view with no superposition over base of 5th metatarsaloblique_____: view that shows phalanges, metatarsals, cuneiforms, cuboid and navicularAP (dorsoplanar)____: view that demonstrates calcaneus & talus, subtalar joint, and talonavicular & calcaneocuboid articulationlateralif a patient has: • ankle pain at lateral malleolus up to 6 cm above • ankle pain at medial malleolus up to 6 cm above • inability to WB immediately & at ED what would you do?refer for ankle x-rayif a patient has: • pain to base of 5th metatarsal • pain to palpation of navicular • inability to WB immediately & at ED what would you do?refer for foot x-ray_____: commonly called shin splintsmedial tibial stress syndrome_____: overuse/repetitive stress injury of shin areamedial tibial stress syndromewhat is the underlying MOI of medial tibial stress syndrome?periostitiswhat is scan is extremely sensitive for medial tibial stress syndrome?bone scanstress syndrome can progress to what?stress fracturesstress fractures can progress to what?complete fracturewhat is the "gold standard" for imaging of stress fracture?MRI_____: articulation between midfoot & metatarsal basesLisfranc jointfirst 3 metatarsals articulate with what?3 cuneiforms4th & 5th metatarsals articulate with what?cuboid_____: when growth plate does not fuse well (like it typically should) & bone is free floatingos trigonum