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Fixed layouts should only be used when one has significant control over the devices that will display the page
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In the overflow property, a value of _____ instructs browsers to increase the height of an element to fit the overflow content.visibleWeb page layouts fall into three general categories: fixed, fluid, and elastic.TrueThe most common way of accepting user input is through a web formTrueOnce an audiovisual aid has been stored within a container file, a _____ is required to decode and play that playerThe check box control is created using the _____ element.input_____ are text strings that appear within a form control, providing a hint about the kind of data that should be entered into the field.placeholdersOscar owns Oscar's skateboard shop. He wants to create a web form to allow users to specify the type of skateboards they would like to buy. This includes the make, model, type and color, and board options. Oscar's skateboards come in Children, young adult, and adult sizes. Oscar's skateboards come in different colors, pattens, and themes. He has over 25 makes and models of skateboards. Oscar's skateboards are manufactured in different hues. Which of the following features should Oscar add to allow customers to choose a shade of their choice?Color pickersWhich of the following is the default shape value for the radial gradient functionellipseA transition must start immediately after an event that triggers it.FalseA general rule for printing is to use ____ fonts for headlines and serif fonts for body textsans serifIn the given image which of the following types of background repeat property does figure 4 denoteNo repeatIn the accompanying figure, Box E represents a ____.spin boxBy default, a browser places a table caption _____.above the tableMultiple shadows can be added to text by including each shadow definition in a comma-separated list.TrueUser-defined styles can be superseded by external styles, which are the styles that a website author creates and places within a Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) file and links to the page.TrueJenny wants to distribute the flex items in the magazine's website evenly with the first and last items aligned with the start and end of the cross axis. Identify the keyword Jenny must assign to value in the align-content: value; one is designing web pages for mobile devices, the overall file size should be kept small.TrueEach document on the World Wide Web is referred to as a web page and is stored on a list server.FalseIdentify a true statement about grids.A well-designed grid is more easily accessible for users with disabilities and special needs.Which of the following audio elements is used to embed audio clips within a web page?<audio src="url" attributes/>_______ are programs that test code to ensure that it contains no syntax errors.ValidatorsIn addition to the W3C-supported style properties, most browsers supply their own extended library of style properties, known as browser extensions.True____ can be used to create a single specification that automatically adapts itself to the screen width without requiring a new layout design.Flexible boxesStyle sheets are written in the Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) language.TrueThe default value for both kerning and tracking is ____ pixels.0To create a drop cap, one can increase the font size of an element's ______ and float it on the left margin.First letterTiling occurs when a browser loads a background image and then repeats the image in both the vertical and horizontal directions until the entire background is filled.TrueExtending the first line of text to the left of a text block creates a _____ indent.hangingA network that covers a wider area, such as several buildings or cities, is called a wide area network or WAN.TrueSpanning cells are created by adding div attributes to either td or th elements.FalseHTML supports three row groups, which define rows that belong to the table head, table border, or table body.FalseWhich of the following styles sets the column breaks within paragraphs to leave a minimum of two and three lines at the top and bottom of each column, respectively?article p { orphans: 3; widows: 2; }The first line in a Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) file is the _____, which is a processing instruction indicating the markup language used in a document.doctypeThe ____ unit is the preferred style unit for web page text because it makes it easy to develop pages in which different page elements have consistent relative font sizes when viewed on any device.emOscar wants the web form to allow users to select the delivery date for the items he purchases. To select the dates, Oscar should use a _____.calendar controlIdentify a padding property used to set the width of the padding space.padding: size;Box shadows can only be placed outside an element.FalseIdentify the format for manually inserting a page break directly before an type;Identify the default type for the background-repeat style.repeatTransition is a technique of creating the illusion of movement by displaying a sequence of changing images in rapid succession.FalseIdentify the default clear value that allows an element to be displayed alongside any floated objects.noneThe totality of interconnected hypertext documents became known as the ______.World Wide WebOption buttons are also called selection lists as they select data values from a more extensive list of options.FalseA background image is attached to its element so that as the element content is scrolled through, the background image stays still.FalseA linear gradient is a color gradient that starts from a central point and proceeds outwards in a series of concentric circles.False_____ are like selection lists in that they limit fields to a set of possible values; but, unlike selection lists, the options appear as separate controls in the web form.Radio buttonsA ____ element is an element that contains one or more other elements, which are called child elements.parentWhich of the following HTML elements is used to add a row in a table?<tr>Which of the following HTML attributes is used to create a single cell that occupies more than one cell from a series of horizontal cells?colspanAfter completing the code for a website, a developer should perform a(n) ______ test to ensure that it contains no syntax errors.validationIn the accompanying figure, Box B points to ____.option buttonsA fixed layout sets the width of the page elements as a percent of the available screen width.FalseThe media figure orientation accepts min- and max- prefixes.FalseTo specify a stacking order, one can use the _____ property.z-indexThe z-index property stacks overlapping objects with the highest z-index value on top of others.TrueViewing a web page on a mobile device gives the same experience as viewing the same web page on a desktop computer.FalseWhich of the following browsers does not support the Ogg audio format?SafariPage breaks within block elements can often leave behind _____, which is a fragment of text left dangling at the top of page.widowsThe first style sheet interpreted by a browser is the one built into the browser itselfTrueTo reduce the cluttered look of the web page, Jenny needs to separate the page content from page design. Which of the following properties must Jenny use to place the flex items in a desired order?order valueThe World Wide Web Consortium enforced a stricter set of standards in a different version of HTML is called _____.Extensible Hypertext Markup Language (XHTML)By default, legends are placed in the top-right corner of the field set box.FalseOnly one caption is allowed per web table.TrueA plug-in either opens in its own external window or runs within a web page as a(n) _____.embedded objectWhich of the following audio formats in HTML provides better sound quality, especially a lower bit rates?.ogg