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At the beginning of the Republic, most states restricted voting rights to:
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Which election reform, adopted in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, was aimed at preventing vote buying and voter intimidation?the secret ballotPartisan manipulation of congressional and state legislative redistricting has become much easier in recent years due to:sophisticated mapping software and more data on local voting patterns and demographics.During the same turn-of-the-century years in which many states began requiring voter registration, what did many states use to keep immigrants and black people from voting?literacy testsThe turnout rateis a measure of the number of people who vote in an election divided by the the number of people who would have been allowed to vote in it.Though there are some exceptions, individuals who are _____ have the right to vote in American federal electionscitizens who are at least 18 years oldWhen the framers of the constitution established the Electoral College, they required each state's legislature to choose its electors. Since the 1860's, however, all states have chosen electors bypopular voteIn 2010, a federal district court struck down California's Proposition 8 , a ballot initiative approved by a majority of voters that banned same-sex marriage within the state. In declaring the law unconstitutional, the court showed that;state referendum results, like all state laws, are subject to federal judicial reviewIn 1993, Congress passed and President Clinton signed into law the National Voter Registration Act, popularly known as the "motor voter" law, which allowedvoter registration at state driver licensing agencies, as well as public-assistance and military recruitment officesThe single strongest predictor of how a person will vote is that individual'sparty identificationA super PAC, the popular name given to the independent expenditure-only committees established in the wake of the Supreme Court's CitizensUnited ruling, may raise _______ and spend the monies on candidate or issue advocacy.unlimited funds from individuals and corporationsIn modern American politics, most party nominees for elected public offices are chosen throughprimary electionsWhen recruiting candidates, parties consider that, at the very least, a serious candidate for a U.S. Senate seat should be able to raiseseveral million dollarsThe Republican Party was the most successful of several parties that developed in the wake of the Whig Party's disintegration over and opposition tothe expansion of slaveryThe failure of Republicans to even repeal, much less repeal and replace, the Affordable Care Act (popularly known as Obamacare) in 2017, despite full control of Congress, provided a clear demonstration of which fact about political parties in the United States?As part of its brand name, the national leadership of the Republican Party supportsderegulation of business and industryUpper-income Americans tend to affiliate with the Republican Party becausethey have an economic self-interest in lower taxesThe fact that the Speaker of the House is selected by the majority party is most significant becauseSpeakers wield enormous influence over committee assignments and other congressional activityIn several states, notably among them Iowa and Nevada, the presidential nominating process begins with party caucuses, which arelocal party meetings that involve extensive discussions among registered party voters who attend, and which involve delegate selectionParty leaders usually will not provide financial backing to candidates who cannotraise money on their ownThe majority of young voters in the United States today describe themselves asindependentHistorically, the party that controls the White House has usually lost seats in congressional midterm elections when the president is not on the ballot. Why is this the case?because voters usually hold the president's party accountable for current problemsThird parties rarely win elective office in the United States becausethey lack sufficient membership concentration in any one district to win a plurality of votesIn recent years, ideological polarization has undermined the ability of American political parties to bridge elections and governance, becauseRepublican and Democrats have been less likely to work together and make compromises in finding solutions to national problems.In congress, each of the two major parties is assigned a quota of members for each standing committee, with the final number varying according tothe proportion of total seats in the chamber held by each party, respectivelySince the mid-1960s, black voters have overwhelmingly supported candidatesof the Democratic partyThe Federalist Party weakened and finally disappeared after some Federalist leaders were accused of treason forexpressing pro-British sympathies during the War of 1812A loose ideological association is a part of brand associations with American political parties, with ________ seen as liberal, and ______ seen as consevative.Democrats; RepublicansThe party that holds the majority of seats in a legislative chamber, such as the U.S. House or Senate, is called themajority partyA primary election is described as _________ if it is only open to voters who have registered their affiliation with a party by a certain number of days before the vote.closedThe Whig Party first developed from groups that opposedPresident Andrew Jackson, for reasons of personality and politics